Zimbabwe Makes Energy Policy Achievements Towards Goals To Achieve Upper-Middle Income Country Status by 2030 ..

By Nevson Mpofu

Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development Magna Mudyiwa Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has launched another policy on top of other two policies launched in 2012 and 2020 March this year. The Energy Efficiency Policy hangs around to address efficiency in energy management. Together with the National Energy Policy of 2012 and the National Renewable Energy Policy and Bio-Fuels Policy launched this year in March energy and power challenges must be solved.

 Addressing captains of the Energy and Power Industry, Government officials from the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate and a handful from related stakeholders, the Deputy Minister of Energy and Power Development Magna Mudyiwa Zimbabwe is now towards Universal Energy Access. This, he waylays a straight point in air is the strategy to attract investors and creating an enabling safe environment which does not compromise the eruption in air of green -house gases like carbon-dioxide.

” These days, you, see, we have no power cuts like we used to have in the past. This is because we are towards universal access to power. The improvement comes with what we are here for. This is what makes us be energy sustainable and efficient. We have strategized higher than before to make energy and power get addressed amicably, with accountability ”

Power demand is 1470 mega-watts. The country has total of 2300 megawatts installed generation. The achievable capacity is 1100 megawatts on a good day. This is complimented by imports ranging from 150 megawatts to 400 megawatts ..

”Load-shedding is now a thing of the past. We have solutions, measures and strategies accompanied by robust policies like the one we are launching. We now have a stable fuel, power and energy supply.

”Yes, we have old, dilapidating power plants, but we have answers for this challenge. There are issues of carbon-emissions in the atmosphere which disturbs power and energy issues. The problem is solved by the energy efficiency policy we launch today’’.

Zimbabwe has managed to reduce green- house gas emissions by almost 33% . This is done to meet the goals like the one on Energy that is goal 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. More to it , the Minister sails towards conclusion ,

”We have energy efficiency strategies to meet demand as a nation. We remain sustainable as we move towards good planning, leading, organizing and controlling. There-fore we have come out with proper energy management and auditing. We introduced the direct fuel imports which allow suppliers to bring fuel in Zimbabwe.

”This addresses power, energy and fuel shortages ” This is why we are looking at a new policy of energy efficiency. Zimbabwe is a step -ahead. As a nation we have no load shedding like the past.”

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