Why Kenyans want Joe Biden to be the US President

By Samuel Ouma

Africa is not a shithole. It is the most beautiful continent in the world, says Boniface Mwangi, a Nairobi-based rights campaigner

A whopping percentage of Kenyans want US President Donald Trump to experience shameful defeat in the upcoming US Presidential elections.

The Americans will go to the ballot on November 3, 2020, to elect their next president as the race gets tighter between the incumbent Donald Trump and his arch-rival Joe Biden.

The US elections poll tracker, according to the Telegraph shows that Biden, the former Vice-President, is leading. The poll tracker averred that over half of Americans intend to throw their weight behind Biden.

The Democrat’s candidate win will be received joyfully by the majority of Kenyans who have ganged up against Trump labelling him racist, toxic and careless when making statements.

Trump’s incessant attacks on his predecessor Barrack Obama have never pleased Kenyans.  A section of Kenyans who spoke to Pan African Visions described Trump’s negative attitude towards the former President as uncouth and uncalled for saying it needs to be condemned by all means.

“Can we call it obsession or hatred? When Trump fails to sleep well, it is Obama, when his meal is not cooked properly it is about Obama. Soon you will hear him, claiming that it is Obama who infected him with Covid-19,” said a Nairobi based businessman who sought anonymity.

Job Reuben added, “He will peg his failures on Barrack Obama.”

Moreover, Kenyans are yet to forget Trump’s racist and demeaning remarks on Africa two years ago.

During a meeting on immigration at the White House in January 2018, American media reported that Trump called the Caribbean nation of Haiti and unspecified African countries “shitholes” and called for the establishment of tough measures to bar their natives from migrating to the United States.

Trump’s derogatory statement triggered fierce condemnation from Kenyans and other African countries, including the African Union.

“He is a very controversial man and his careless statements regarding other people and their countries only risk driving a wedge between America and its foreign partners,” said Martin Nguru, a Nairobi-based diplomacy scholar.

According to Boniface Mwangi, a Nairobi-based rights campaigner, “”Africa is not a shithole. It is the most beautiful continent in the world. Beautiful, hardworking people. We have diamonds, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum, cocoa, coffee etc.”

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