US-based Cameroonian journalist donates to orphanages, sets aside Millions for humanitarian projects in crisis-stricken Anglophone regions

By Amos Fofung 

Foundation President, Merryline Ngwa, symbolically hands over donated items to orphanage director
Foundation President, Merryline Ngwa, symbolically hands over donated items to orphanage director

A US-based Cameroonian journalist, Ivo Elias Ndong popularly known as Daddy Ndong has via his non-governmental foundation, the Daddy Ndong international Humanitarian Foundation, DANiHF, embarked on a series of humanitarian projects geared at uplifting the plight of less privileged Cameroonians especially those affected by the on-going armed conflict in its English-speaking regions.

The media consultant who has over three decades of experience in broadcast media told Pan African Visions that after witnessing first-hand the dire situation of his countrymen during his last visit to Cameroon, he decided to launch a charitable organization to better channel his support to those in dire.

 “True as a journalist I was aware of the situation in Cameroon with regards to ongoing Anglophone crisis and its effects…Reports from back home chronicled the situation of refugees and Internally Displaced person but when I visited Cameroon to better analyst the situation and carry out some little donations especially to orphanages, I was taken aback by how much suffering my people now endure,” he said before adding that 

“Immediately, I knew my modest donations here and there would not do much, I needed a grand plan, more holistic and centralized, a project that will not only see that my donations and those of my close friends and partners are handed down to those in absolute need but also a platform to galvanize resources to support my community in its recovery post-Anglophone crisis.”

Thus, he created DANiHF which carried out its first major donation estimated at a little over 2,000,000 FCFA to the children of Mountain Kids Orphanage in Buea, South West region. The donations including a consignment of food items, kitchen, and household detergents among others were handed out by members of the organization represented by its president to Merryline Ngwa.

According to her, DANIHF, whose motto is “We are a Family” is aimed at participating in humanitarian activities geared towards helping the underprivileged, displaced, orphans, and those in great need. She said they are out to assist in whatever little way they can in touching the lives of those in need.

“The southwest region is faced with a lot of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, the Anglophone crisis, and the cholera outbreak so, it is of utmost importance that we stretch out a helping hand to those in need’ She said.

“I have been in this orphanage before and have seen the situation and condition of its children. I saw that their needs were unable to be met. So we are here to assist them and especially the 3 children who have been added early this year” she added stating that the organization’s Chief Executive Officer/Founder had many more in store for the region in the coming weeks. 

The organization is also set to carry out large donation of food items and everyday necessities to IDPs across the country and refugees especially those settled in neighboring Nigeria before the year runs out. 

DANIHF is also organizing a workshop and an online forum where discussions about rape will be held and lasting solutions be brought out and how it is going to be implemented in various communities.

The organization also supported some internally displaced children from the crisis-hit North West region living in Yaounde with didactic materials to assists them in resuming classes for the 2020/2021 school year. The items comprising school bags, books, pens pencils, rulers, facemasks, and others were handed to the IDPs at Oyom Abang in the Yaounde VII municipality on Saturday 3, October 2020. 

The Centre Regional Coordinator of DANIHF, Ngwang Yuh Diana Joyce, who handed over the didactic materials said the not-for-profit organization is out to provide support to the needy and put a smile on the faces of persons in distress.

“Daddy Ndong as we fondly call him charged me to tell you all that we are a family and that he will do all it takes to put a smile on your faces, especially in the domain of education,” Ngwang said, disclosing that DANIHF founder has promised to pay the fee and GCE registration of one of the kids in an examination class. DANIHF members used the occasion to sensitize the IDPs on basic hygiene and sanitation measures that they will have to observe while on school campuses in a bid to avoid being contaminated by the Coronavirus.

Aside from that, the foundation has also announced that for this academic year, a scholarship will be awarded to ten university students across Cameroon. According to a press release, a copy of which was sent to our newsroom states that 3 students will be selected from the University of Buea, 3 from the University of Bamenda, 2 from the University of Yaounde 1, and 2 from the University of Douala.

Students can apply for the scholarship via the foundation’s website here

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