Meet Caroline Pomeyie, CEO of Ghana’s innovative digital fish market

Innovation, a key characteristic of an entrepreneur and enlightenment to transform a problem into a solution is the major attribute that Caroline Pomeyie possesses.

Caroline Pomeyie is changing the years-long struggle narrative experienced in the fishing industry by providing digital solutions to promote food security in the country.

Caroline Pomeyie is a young entrepreneur leveraging on technology to provide solutions to Ghana’s fish supply chain. Trained as a communications specialist, she has dedicated her time and skills to transforming the fisheries industry starting with value-addition to the industry’s raw products. She is contributing to transforming the industry, and to improving livelihood for locals and contributing to food security.

About ProFish
Fish Farmers have often complained of post-harvest losses due to the lack of cold storage facilities, and not having a ready market for their produce.

A team of young entrepreneurs led by Caroline Pomeyie realized this problem and thus formed the company known as ProFish in 2018 to bridge the gap between fish farmers and the ready market. The eventual goal was to promote food security in the country.
Caroline Pomeyie and her team, led by four experts in agriculture, logistics, communication, and software development realized the only way to bridge that gap and offer a lasting solution to the problem was to introduce technology into the fold.

The company thus developed a digital marketing suite in the fish industry known as “Lojaanor” which is a Ga-language meaning “Fish Market.”

Digital Platform for selling fish
The digital platform allows fish farmers to sell their fish harvest directly to customers by simply dialing a code on their mobile phones. This helps provide a ready market for their produce.
By dialing a shortcode with their mobile telephones, the fisherfolk can indicate the type of fish or other seafood they have harvested or captured for sale.

Customers are also privy to the same shortcode to order fish at their convenience. “Lojaanor” can also be accessed via the internet. The online platform reveals different categories of fish products with their prices. Fishes and other kinds of seafood bought are instantly added to your cart and delivered anywhere you choose.

ProFish currently works in partnership with a logistics company to ensure that fish and other kinds of seafood are delivered quickly and directly to customers.
In 2019, ProFish won in the early-stage category of the Pitch AgriHack at the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) in Accra taking home €7,500 with Kenya’s Savanna Circuit Tech coming in second place and taking home €5,000.
ProFish, with one year in operation has 135 recurring customers.

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