IATA Urges African Governments To Enforce Quarantine Measures

By Nevson Mpofu

, Muhammed Albakri , IATA Vice President for Africa and the Middle East
, Muhammed Albakri , IATA Vice President for Africa and the Middle East

IATA -International Air Travel Association has urge governments in Africa and the Middle East to implement quarantine measure. This, Muhammed Albakri ,  IATA Vice President for Africa and the Middle East says is important as countries gear up to open their economies . In Africa and Middle East, 35 governments have imposed measures since 7 August. This is latest information posted to Pan-African-Visions.

”Mandatory quarantine measures stop people from travelling. We understand governments priority is on protecting the well- being of citizens. However, quarantine destroys liveli-hoods. Testing will save travel and Tourism ” says Albakri .

It is estimated that 88% travelers are not travelling because of quarantine measures. These passengers prefer testing. They say testing does not take much of their time in business. Survey by United Arab Emirates concludes 72% of passengers say and suggest that those who test positive should not go quarantine. 80% feel covid-19 is sufficiently under control to open borders.

The survey ascertains that quarantine, closed boarders and restrictions, the three decimates travelling. Traffic levels in Africa and Middle East saw largest drop of all regions in July compared to 2019 levels. Total passenger traffic in Africa in July was 93, 7% below 2019 levels and Middle East 95,5% below 2019 level.

Aviation supports 6,2 million jobs. . In Gross Domestic Product it contributed US$56 billion to Africa, 2,4 million jobs. To the Middle East in Gross Domestic product it is US$30 billion pre-covid-19 era as of end of 2019.

Impact of collapse in Air-Traffic in 2020 due covid-19 , there are 3,5 million lost jobs . This is US$35 billion in GDP [gross domestic product in Africa. There are 1,5 million lost jobs and US$85 billion Gross Domestic Product in Middle East.

Testing provides a safe alternative to quarantine and solutions to stop social and economic devastation caused by covid-19 . This has been learnt and confirmed.

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