Africa Fact-Book Launch by President Mnangagwa and Ramaphosa Stirs Ideas for Establishment of an African Liberation Museum to Be Centred in Zimbabwe

By Nevson Mpofu Munhumutapa .

Africa is set  to make history of Pan- African Liberation struggles show-casing through establishment of a National Museum to be centred in Zimbabwe .This follows launch of the Africa Fact-Book by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Cyril Ramaphosa in July this year .Secondly, it follows  heritage trail of a recent occasion held on 8 October on Thursday at a hotel .

 The launch campaign in Harare this week is a project meant to record oral history and collect liberation  war artifacts for museum  of African liberation . Institute of African Knowledge Director Ambassador Kwame Muzawazi said the historical project is preservation of African legacy , recognition of African Vestiges  , gathering information , recording and documentation , then establishment of African Liberation War History told by those who made it and watched by Africans themselves and the world around . .

This is in line with President Mnangagwa  and President Cyril Ramaphosa’s s confirmation to the launch of the Africa Fact-Book launched in July this year . The campaign to record oral history and collect liberation war artifacts for museums of African Liberation is a Pan-African orientation for an intergration into the history of Africa’s liberation .

President Mnangagwa pointed out that the History of Africa must capture the trials , tribulations and triumphs of the sons and daughters of Africa . These are history markers who need  to be recorded and remain known and read in the Africa Fact-Book

.Ambassador Muzawazi takes the idea of the launched book up by proposing establishment of the museum to save the whole of Africa . He narrates that this is meant to preserve legacy , record oral history and collect liberation war artifacts from all sites and points of the liberation struggle .

”This is meant to preserve legacy as Africa records oral history and collect liberation war artifacts for Museums of African Liberation . As we preserve legacy , we collect valuable pieces of our history and record them.”

 ”This historical exercise carry stories , images and artifacts stored in museum .This will be in Zimbabwe with the Pan-African spirit of retrospecting the legacy of our liberators not only in Zimbabwe but throughout the whole of Africa .  This is done with honest , objective , accurate and proven by academic people ”.

Speaking at the same occasion  from ZANU-PF top office , Politiburo Secretary for War-Veterans said the country is on a move to collect all bones , artifacts and information symbolising the war of liberation .  Douglas Mahiya noted in seance and prophecy that the country mighty be in turmoil because we have not yet thought of what must be done ..’

”We havent done what we are talking about today since 1980 . Let us visit all  vestiges and sites of the liberation struggle so that we collect all the needed artifacts to take home as homage to liberation war heroes .”

”This is in line with the Africa Fact-Book launched in Harare by President Mnangagwa and Cyril Ramaphosa in July this year . This is in line with the collection of artifacts to record oral history of the liberation for our generations to learn , see , know and educate others who come after them . ”

”Sons and daughters of Africa under-gone a trail and harsh trend of trials , tribulations and triumphs under the regime of white settlers .  Let us  tell the story of the liberation struggle in truth , gather information correctly  and work with Liberation strategic partners  to  make Africa’ s History remain for future generations .The museum is for the whole of Africa and  visitors as well its History” , he said .

The  establishment of the museum is guided by the National Museums and Monuments Act  -Chapter  25; 11 that mandates Zimbabwe to  administer heritage sites . Secondly it is the  National Archives Act  chapter 25; 6 that  gives permission to store  , preserve archives  , publish and record information .The occasion risen to by 7 top officials among them Government Ministers , Directors of Museums was  mainly attended by a big number of  media personnel from several media houses .


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