Zimbabwe’s Main Opposition Party Wades Into Land Politics .

By Mpofu Nevson

Fadzai Mahere MDC Lawyer and Spokesperson
Fadzai Mahere MDC Lawyer and Spokesperson

A twist to Zimbabwean politics places in Opposition MDC[Movement ForDemocratic Change ] to take a new tentative challenge against ZANU-PF . Oppostion is accusing ZANU-PF of failure to address historical  Land imbalances , Use  and proper management .

Dwelling on this first point Fadzai Mahere MDC Lawyer and Spokesperson  said MDC acknowledges the land reform as necessary correction of colonial injustices . She further stresses a point that the land reform is still not at par-level in terms of land distribution and its production is un-forseen .

”We noted that the approach used to address historical imbalances was not the desirable one as evidenced by the past 20 years since 2002 . We are importing food . The country has 8,6 million food in-secure people .

”Owning land means then we have to feed others , but are we doing that ? The country has come up with many policies that have failed in the eyes of every Zimbabwean  . Over US$6 billion has been invested in Command Agriculture alone . Still we are in absolute poverty .”

The Lawyer continued to take a swipe  on the Government and the ruling party ZANU-PF in terms of failing transparency to issues of inclusity and equal participation at national level following the constitution . She notes that the Global Compensation Deed has been concluded in the absence of parliament .

”The Global Compensation Deed has been completed without participation of Parliament .This is not in line with the Constitution section 295[4] and the rule of Law in the country  . According to Law any compensation for previously acquired Agricultural land must be addressed and paid in terms of an Act of Parliament .

”The State agrees to pay US$3,5 billion . Where do they get the money yet 7,5 million people need food . They are food in secure . It is still estimated that there is going to be severe hunger in the country.  That will leave millions plunged in chronic and absolute povrty .”

”There is no clarity where the money will come from . Be careful , citizens money will be taken un-lawfully to fund these White Farmers  . The Land  resource was in-correctly distributed . Its ZANU PF and its people in total who gain on the land but still there is no prodution .”

Mahere took another path for social justice of the 4 million farm workers and 150,000 who have been ignored . Many  lost jobs , homes on farms and were left idle , chased away from farms and left for poverty . MDC notes with pity that such a way of doing  it left  others without basic needs like food , shelter and clothing .

”We also want those former workers  settled on the land on which there were . Secondly they must be paid by the Government because the Government is paying farmers at the expense of these workers and the majority of Zimbabweans .

”MDC has always emphasised on the need to address the land question fairly , sustainably , equitably ,in  a transparent manner , justice observed , with  rule of Law and Democracy . Compensation is an issue that Parliament must look at  according to the Act of Parliament . The problem now is it is ZANU-PF looking at this .” Mahere made coclusions .

The Press Conference attracted a full packed room with Journalists from more than 20 media houses both public and private . MDC is promising to take its push further . The opposition Party is putting a motion to see a transparent way of managing the above mentioned grievances .

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