Zimbabwe:Fresh Trouble Brewing For Mnangagwa

By Nevson Mpofu

President Mnangagwa is going through uncertain times in Zimbabwe
President Mnangagwa is going through uncertain times in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s political animosity intensifies amid protests plans and demonstrations to un-seat a constitutionally Elected President Mnangagwa comes with hatred on him and unnecessary political avarice for leadership.

Pan-African-Visions notes this through investigations done early this week. This comes after President Mnangagwa addressed a Provincial Co-ordinating Committee Meeting in Gweru, Zimbabwe’s third capital city.

 He asked Party Commissar Victor Matemadanda to tell the people that he was still the leader of the country and no-one would or has the power to oust him.

”Party Commissar, chastise party members hungry for power. Tell the people of Zimbabwe that if you dream of being leader of the country, you have had a nightmare.”

”The next morning you wake up and brew traditional beer. Ask your ancestors why they give you such bad dreams.

”It is the people, the mass that constitutionally put me in power and office. I am still the leader of the country. No-One can dethrone me, except the voice of the people” .

President Mnangagwa continues to be exerted un-necessary leadership and political power pressure by his own people surrounding him. Most of these are ZANU-PF members. Some of them are Robert Mugabe’s followers under G40.

Currently there are fresh allegations and fears that Mnangagwa is in bad books with Vice President Constantine Chiwenga whom some party people and opposition claim is hungry for power.

A secret member of the Opposition party confirms President Mnangagwa is under pressure for the power he is holding currently. He adds that most of these are ZANU-PF party members.

” What is causing problems and challenges facing the country is the fact that there is un-necessary power avarice, greedy and hatred on Mnangagwa. We have to wait until 2023 according to our constitution. Remember, He was elected by the people. It’s now the surrounding people causing problems not opposition alone, no ” , he disagrees with many voices against Mnangagwa .

Several political party members are still disgruntled by the removal of President Robert Mugabe who was ousted through a coup in 2017. A number of them like Jonathan Moyo are still twitting in bad and nasty words against President Mnangagwa.

To bring evidence to this President Mnangagwa has survived a Bulawayo assassination where a bomb was thrown at Barbourfields stadium where he was to address a gathering. This was on weeks after Robert Mugabe was out of power.

The other evidence is of tweets and what’s-up messages from Jonathan Moyo formerly of Robert Mugabe side. President Mnangagwa has fired as well two Cabinet members Energy Mutodi who was Deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Fortune Chasi who was Minister of Energy and Power Development.

Nelson Chamisa of MDC Opposition Party continues to push for President Mnangagwa’s ouster of which he knows that he lost elections in 2018. Secondly, growing opposition continues to grow and picking fights are still on although Mnangagwa is quiet. There have been mass protest plans. These were thrashed by Mnangagwa on 31 August in Harare and Bulawayo.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions and Indigenous Manufacturers, retailers and the business community has done economic and business sabotage plans. These strategies have made rise inflation a move that has cause the Economy to bleed. These have been planned secretly except the ZCTU demonstration which is up to now a talk. Its successful demonstration was that of 2019 when President Mnangagwa announced fuel rise on Television .

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