TEL-ONE Partners South African Company Car-Track, Launches Product to Monitor and Track Vehicles and Fleet Management

By Nevson Mpofu

Chipo Mtasa TEL-ONE Managing Director
Chipo Mtasa TEL-ONE Managing Director

Tel-One an International Communication Technology Company has launched in Harare at its Training Center an exciting first of its kind Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution called Tel-Track.  This Chipo Mtasa TEL-ONE Managing Director says is a facility meant to focus on value -added Services.

”As Tel-ONE, we have moved from just being providers of voice and data services. We now take an active role in transforming our community through technology solutions in line with our vision of creating a digitally enabled society by 2030.

”A digitally enabled community does not only require access to connectivity, it also goes to digital products that make use of the wide broad-band network ”.

Taking a deep further presentation Tel-One explores that the system helps fleet owners and managers track the location of their vehicles, insight of their vehicles at given time and information about location of the vehicles. It works on drivers whereabout with vehicles, not only that it goes on to track and recover stolen vehicles. Ms. Mutasa adds that car theft is at 37% as of 2019, she notes the importance of the technology is vital and timely.

”The solution is suitable for commercial or individual vehicles for Government, corporates, Small to Medium Enterprises and personal uses. It is an issue of safety, security and comfort to those with their cars on the road. It means there are no foul plays along the way.’’

Accompanying the product is host of invaluable features and support services including a 24/7 in-house control room making use of our state-of-the-Art National Operations Centre recently launched as well. The system uses predictive analysis and intelligence loaded with statistics and reports key in ensuring vehicles are managed and monitored.

Car-Track is the partner and the original equipment manufacturer of the technology that is found in South- Africa. It is however World -Wide. The two companies are two key players adding value to Technology and making up a state-of-the-Art Economy with Global Standards. Tel-ONE Telematics is a new bundle under Tel-One that will work in partnership with Sanctuary Insurance Company. . Telematics Insurance is a type of car insurance that takes advantage of devices to define customized insurance cover and premiums.

‘’We are pleased to have partnership with Car-Track. It then means we are Global as a service provider that has grown so big in the Industry. We are pleased to announce that we got support from ZIMOCO. I am pleased to partner with the best in the Industry already.

Commenting on the same occasion giving a speech on behalf of Zimbabwe Government, Dr Muswere Minister of ICT , Postal and Courier Services said  the Ministry is tasked to  ensure Zimbabwe’s digital economy awakens and the nation is empowered to make data driven decisions . We have the mandate to digitize the economy. There are many projects being implemented.

‘’As Government we are running a number of digitized projects around the country. I am pleased to see the kind of a launch that makes us grow well in terms of our economy. The development is key priority under the Government’s Vision 2030.

‘’As Government let us improve efforts to improve efficiency under Ministry guidance ..Tel-one has partnered with CMED , Central Vehicle Mechanical Department  in providing the service for Government vehicles , he said . Already there are several players coming in , he said in conclusion . .

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