Sierra Leone : Dauda Blaq set to clinch APC Diaspora Youth Leadership

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

One-time parliamentary symbol contender in the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections in Sierra Leone , constituency 123, for the All Peoples Congress (APC) party, Dauda Blaq Lugbu Kamara, is set to clinch the  party’s  Diaspora Youth Leadership  position in the United States of America.

Dauda Blaq, who has been seen as the favourite for the position  is the son of the Late Abu Blaq Kamara , one-time Temne  Tribal Head in Freetown ; a member of the California and Las Vegas APC Chapter, and also its public Relations Officer .

He has held positions as acting youth leader and public Relations Officer simultaneously of the party’s California Chapter, whose focused in promoting neglected youths through motivational strategies, offering youth empowerment programs, giving minimal loans to disadvantage youth in his community, and encouraging others to go into technical and vocational training has been commendable in the US.

Blaq’s achievement and love to see his people out of poverty are visible in his constituency and out of his constituency even though he lost the symbol to run as a parliamentarian . He has continued to show love to his community and giving a helping hand to the sitting member of parliament in 123.

In a statement from the executive of constituency 123 on Friday, it  unequivocally endorsed Dauda Blaq Kamara as APC Diaspora Youth Leader which reads  “On behalf of the Hon MP, Lihadi Alhadi, and the Councillors (Wards 425 & 426), the general Executive of Constituency 123 , endorse Comrade Dauda Blaq Kamara as the most competent  and hard-working Comrade for the position’’

The statement  further said that  Dauda Blaq is a senior member of the Constituency who have played pivotal role in the political, economic  and social advancement of the Constituency adding that his developmental activities within the Constituency are numerous and his moral supports to the APC and the Constituency is of maximum.

“In that regard, the Constituency Hon. MP, Councillors, Executive Members, Ward committee members, Zonal committee members and the people of Constituency 123 recommend and  endorse Comrade Dauda Blaq to the APC National Executive and APC Diaspora Executive (California-Las Vegas Chapter) as the most suitable candidate for the position,’’ Mohamed Ballah Sesay constituency deputy secretary said.

There has been an outpouring commendation for Dauda Blaq whom  many supporters of the party believed to be an asset and a community organiser to take the opposition party back to the sits of power in 2023.

“Even though he lost the symbol in 2018, he still continues to support/give advice to the current APC MP at the constituency.  Presently he’s in United States of America (City of Las Vegas) contesting for APC Diaspora Youth’s Leader. Dauda Blaq Kamara need your support this time around again, having done great things for the party. The APC Diaspora Youths need hardworking with eloquent quality and experience when comes in making decisions. Also, for seeking/making the job more effective when coordinating all affairs. His dedication/knowledge when it comes to ideologies and promoting the APC in Sierra Leone and abroad. There are other candidates out there in the Diaspora wing but DAUDA BLAQ KAMARA he’s the best among all because that position need someone who is always ready and want to see the might APC back to power come 2023,’’ A staunch APC wrote on social media.

In an exclusive interview with Mr. Kamara he said , he was running for the position to bring development to the party and mobilise the youths to raise funds to take back the realms of power in the country’s body politic in 2023 adding that as  a man that youths have so much confidence in both at home and abroad , he is better place to take their issues and understands how to galvanize them to bring development into the party.

“If I head the youths , I will be able to galvanize the base , the APC youth base to win the 2023 elections because, I will not leave no stone un turn , I will go all places, all districts , every little corner to motivate the youths and talk to them to come on board and I will be one of the best Youth Leader in the APC for motivate ,fund raising and making sure the party comes to governance ,’’he said.

He added that he had so many plans , projects that he will make sure that as they as a party they embark on helping some of  the youths adding that he has all what it takes in terms of financing development  projects for both at home and abroad.

“ The youths have so much confidence in me , they trust me, and they so believe in me . My development strides are visibly seen all around my community and in other communities. I am a grassroots man . I know the problems of youths . If you ask them , they will tell you they believe I can deliver development for them,’’

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