Rwanda:Kagame Laughs Off Death Rumors

By Ferdinand Maniraguha

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda  has scorned on stories about his death from cerebral cancer circulating on social media.

The opposition figure Thomas Nahimana insinuated that Kagame was dead in an interview with Vox Africa-France Television. Nahimana, a former Roman Catholic Priest said he had credible sources that Kagame was under palliative care and was kept alive for political reasons.

He regularly kept on posting such information on his Youtube account and on other social media platforms.

Kagame appeared on national television this Sunday 6th September 2020, a move that is likely to discredit such rumors about his health.

“I learnt about it and it’s not how poor my life is, it’s also the fact that I am no longer alive , that is beyond having bad health. There is a proverb here in Kinyarwanda that is centuries old,’s like ‘You wish bad luck to your stepmother, and it ends up hitting hard your own mother”, Kagame replied  after being asked by audience.

President Kagame didn’t talk about his health conditions, but he insisted that what has been is said  is ‘nonsense”.

“Life is life you know it, even those who spread those things I don’t Know how many years they have to live on this earth. Even if they have to live up to a hundred , still a hundred will come you will be no more. Playing around with nonsense about people’s lives is really cheap, it has no place. I don’t give a damn  about that” he added

Kagame came on national television during the time  when news was rife in the media about the arrest of hotel Rwanda film ‘hero’ Paul Rusesabagina, who was paraded before journalists early this week in the capital Kigali.

Rusesabagina was living in Brussels and had a political platform, called  MRCD that has an army wing, which launched attacks in Rwanda since 2018 and took people’s lives.

None knows exactly how Rusesabagina arrived in Rwanda because whether is Rwanda investigation Bureau that detains him, or himself. None has ever detailed more about his arrest.

They are those who allege Rwandan government to have kidnapped him from Dubai but Kagame denies any wrongdoing about the arrest.

“What if I tell you that he brought himself, he was not kidnapped. It’s like dialing a number when you want to get in touch with someone and you find you called a wrong number. That’s how it happened” Kagame responded.

He added Rusesabagina heads a group of terrorists that have killed Rwandans and he will have to pay for all ‘this suffering he’s caused Rwandans. He has blood of Rwandans on his hands’.

Kagame warned other Rwandan opponents in exile, who hide behind social media and spread rumours, like father Nahimana, emphasizing that their fate will come.

“I cannot lose my time about that father, but don’t be surprised the day we will have him here as the case of Rusesabagina. He announces death of others, but his time will come, he will get here in the way he doesn’t know”, he says.

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