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Kenya:MCA’s arm broken during Migori County Assembly fiasco

September 24, 2020

By Samuel Ouma

Hon. Mary Ogodo while in hospital with her left broken arm. Photo credit MN News
Hon. Mary Ogodo while in hospital with her left broken arm. Photo credit MN News

A fight that erupted in Migori County Assembly on Wednesday morning left an MCA with a broken arm.

Nominated Member of County Assembly (MCA) Mary Ogodo’s arm was broken when chaos erupted in the house over the impeachment of Governor Okoth Obado.

The melee got out of hands as the MCAs assault each other physically, verbally with bottles of water being thrown around.

Trouble started when five MCAs allied to the Governor stormed the house and tried to disrupt the session.

As the fiascos escalate, the sergeant-at-arms was forced to run away with the mace, the symbol of power in the assembly.

“The five MCAs were hiding in one of the offices in the assembly controlled by Obado’s relative before they made their way into the assembly and started creating chaos,” a staff told the Star.

The injured MCA was rushed to St. Joseph Mission Hospital.

“She is in hospital, her left arm has been broken and she is receiving treatment. She can’t talk right now. She is in stable condition,” an aide told the media.

Obado is accused of embezzling at least Ksh.73 million county funds and his party ODM had resolved to impeach him over graft.

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