Ghanaian pastor in US charged with murder after Shooting wife 7 times for trying to leave him

By Amos Fofung

Pastor Sylvester Ofori
Pastor Sylvester Ofori

US-based Ghanaian Pastor Sylvester Ofori, who prefers to be called ‘The Prophet” has been charged with first-degree murder after shooting his wife 7 times at her job site for allegedly attempting to leave him.

According to police reports, Pastor Ofori of Flood Gates of Heaven Ministries in Orlando shut and killed his 27-year-old wife, Barbara Tommey at her jobsite at the Navy Federal Credit Union on Tuesday September 8 2020. He would later be arrested at his residence and taken into custody.

The incident was all captured on CCTV camera at 4600 block of Gardens Park Boulevard.

Pastor Ofori, 35, has reportedly been abusing his wife for a long time and due to the abuse, Barbara was persuaded by her family to leave him. A decision he is reported to not have welcomed. According to detectives, the couple was in the process of filing for a divorce and had been estranged for about three months.

Court records show Ofori was arrested in 2016 after an altercation with his wife. He was taken into custody on one count of resisting an officer, but the charge was later dropped.

Orlando police Lt. Frank Chisari described the pastor as popular with a “pretty big online following.”

Prosecutors told the judge the killing was caught on video and shows Ofori not only shooting his wife but standing over her body and putting additional rounds into her head. The Pastor who is currently detained without bond posted a, a photo a day before the shooting on his social media page with the words, “One thing people gotta understand about extremely kind, nice, loving people is that their other side is just as EXTREME.”

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