Can Jeep Stay Ahead Of Its SUV Rivals?

Jeep has a strong brand and illustrious history dating back to World War II, making it one of the strongest brands in the automotive world. It has a military pedigree that dates back to World War II and for generations it has sustained its rugged, classic American image. It is also Fiat Chrysler’s top-selling brand, and it inspires a rare sort of cult-like devotion other automakers would kill for. But it needs to stay ahead of an increasingly competitive market.

Jeep specializes in sport utility vehicles like the Wrangler – it does not make a single sedan or sports coupe. That has left it extraordinarily well-positioned for the recent boom in SUVs. However, the secret is out, and automakers everywhere are ramping up their own SUV and pickup inventories, and some are aiming their own products squarely at segments Jeep has long dominated.

Jeep is answering with a slew of new innovations and new products to preserve its strong position and envied reputation. Industry insiders say Jeep can no longer expect that its legendary name and distinctive styling will keep buyers coming back.

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