Cameroon mourns another literary icon, Prof Shadrach Ambanasom

By Amos Fofung

Late Literature guru, Shadrach Ambanasom
Late Literature guru, Shadrach Ambanasom

Cameroon mourns one of its greatest literature writers Prof Shadrach A. Ambanasom, a popular household name whose books and articles help shape the minds and sharpen the pencils of todays writers in the Central African region.

Prof Shadrach Ambanasom, a legendary writer one of the few living gurus of his time died Friday August 28, 2020 after a prolonged illness.

Described by dozens of his former students and closed acquaintances as a witty mentor, Shadrach Ambanasom, was largely known for his famous novel ‘Son of the Native Soil’ which was used for several years in contemporary Cameroonian literature classes in secondary schools.

Born in Ngie Sub-Division in the North-West Region of Cameroon, he holds the following academic diplomas: CAPCEG, Modern Letters (University of Yaounde 1); BA (Hons) English (University of London); M.Ed; MA and PhD (Ohio University) U.S.A.

An initiated member of the American KAPPA DELTA PI, an honor society which encourages high professional, intellectual and personal standards and recognizes outstanding contributions to education, before his demise Prof Shadrach Ambanasom was an associate professor and Head of the English Department at E.N.S. Annexe Bambili, and University of Yaounde 1.

His publications include The Radical Romantics: An Introduction (2001), Education of the Deprived: A Study of four Cameroonian Playwrights (2003), The Dregs of Humanity (2005), Homage and Courtship: Romantic Stirrings of a Young Man (2007), Son of the Native Soil (2009) and numerous articles in national and international scientific journals.

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