Zimbabwe’s Two Main Political Parties ZANU PF and MDC To Blame For Lack Of Strategic Thinking -ZIST Speaks Out

By Nevson Mpofu

Tinashe Muzamhindo
Tinashe Muzamhindo

The Zimbabwe Institute for Strategic Thinking [ZIST] has moulded set of holistic modalities for strategic thinking meant to end challenges facing the nation. The Organisation’s focus is to create a platform for strategic thinking bent on building the nation, creating space for a pacified society, social cohesion and positioning our thinking towards economic growth and development.

Speaking to the Pan-African Visions, ZIST Director Tinashe Muzamhindo said this is now time for Zimbabwe to focus on strategic thinking bent on moulding growth and development space for an economy that benefits all Zimbabweans . He adds that the two main political parties ZANU PF and MDC and all Zimbabweans must centralise their minds on positioned strategic thinking meant to build a better Zimbabwe rather than make weird thoughts without any direction.

‘’Our focus is on positioning strategic thinking bent on moulding a better country with people, leaders who have direction and know what they want, what to be done and give direction to the nation. This is not time for political leaders to take the stage centre of fists and endless fights, it Is time to wake up from the slumber and build a new Zimbabwe’’

‘’I stand to blame all political parties because they are all not yet strategically positioned, bent towards development of our country. We need to create minds meant to build on a new Zimbabwe with leaders positioned towards economic growth and development.

‘’Both two parties must take to the podium of organised strategic thinking through the path of political cohesion that links with the idealism of social cohesion. This makes Zimbabweans see their future vision, win on all goals, objectives and a mission for One People One Nation for ALL.

President Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa are at the centre of controversial Zimbabwean politics which is causing hardships to innocent people. The two parties have failed to stick together in unison and social and political cohesion. They are to blame for failure to be organised in positioning their ideas towards harnessing tools for economic growth and development.

‘’Both Leaders at the helm of Zimbabwean politics President Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa of MDC are not organised to be positioned for a dialogue be it any understanding to lift up Zimbabweans out of poverty and suffering. They keep on buying time which is now an expense for Zimbabweans who are more at most further most impacted .

‘’Zimbabweans. We are like people not yet organised and positioned to stand and mould a nation for today and the future. Thus, why we say let us have solutions to challenges we have as a nation so that we can go through what holds us backwards.’’

ZIST Director Muzamhindo reiterates that there are issues like corruption but they are better to look at. Rather, he adds that it is time to look at strategically positioning our ideas towards social cohesion. He said social cohesion calls for dialogue which builds up on togetherness, peace, public order and good Governance.

‘’Corruption, yes, we know is a talk of the day but it is everywhere. Countries like Russia and others around the World have corruption but they are doing well in terms of development. We need to focus first on issues of concern related to social cohesion. This is exercised through strategic positioning of our thoughts towards development in order to save future generations from the current challenges we have’’, he says

ZIST a non-profit making organisation is Part and parcel of the Civil Society launching next week on Tuesday 25 August in Harare. Key Guests and Speakers among them include Shingi Munyeza former Chief Executive Officer of the Africa Sun Hotels.

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