Zimbabwe:Citizen Voices Mount On Stressed President Mnangagwa ….

By Nevson Mpofu ..

President Mnangagwa is surrounded by crisis from all fronts
President Mnangagwa is surrounded by crisis from all fronts

A statement read today at a media briefing in Harare at the Media Centre by Citizens Manifesto notes with deplorable feeling that citizens of Zimbabwe ‘s poverty and vulnerability has highly increased.

A source standing in for the Citizens Manifesto Comrade Bricks points out that the deep looming socioeconomic and political challenges afflicting the country continue to dig deep without a halt.

‘’We stand in solidarity with the citizens of this country to say this must have a solution through South African mediation before it is too late. Thousands of people in the SADC region stand in solidarity of this truth that there is real crisis, so let us stand up, get up and see the light ‘’

‘’Let us stand for Social-Justice, Democracy and freedom of all Zimbabweans socially, politically and economically. We call for citizens to speak up against injustices which are making people suffer in poverty, hunger and vulnerability.

Citizens Manifesto calls SADC and the whole of Africa to mediate for dialogue engagement between the political parties at the helm of this crisis. The two parties are ZANU PF and MDC.

 ‘’To this end we echo and stand in solidarity with recent statements by the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishop’s Conference. This is a platform for concerned citizens among others. . We call for citizens to speak against their suffering.’’

Adding a buttressed voice,  Takudzwa Ngadziore  Director of the Zimbabwe National Association of Students Union ZINASU adds that students are as well standing to fight against President Mnangagwa’s impunity against innocent citizens. In addition, it is their Health that must be given priority.

‘’Equally we welcome recent statement from African Union Commission Chairperson calling on the Zimbabwean Government to uphold human rights. The Health of the people comes first together with the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration for Human Rights of the United Nations.

‘’We call for a better Zimbabwe for all ‘’ , he says

Edward Kapodogo  of the  [VISET]Vendors Initiative for Sustainable Economic Transformation  Monitoring and Evaluation Officer notes that the Informal Sector needs support from all the corners of the World. He states out in defence of the sector that is 90% of the economy. All presenters call on the Government of Zimbabwe to immediately take measures to create an inclusive framework for a national dialogue.

This must be towards a comprehensive National settlement as proposed already through the National convergent platform. The Government must make effort to end this crisis. In the interim we call the Government to seize crackdown against dissenting voices, release all political prisoners and stop persecution of activists.

‘’This is only effective through the respect of Democracy, rule of Law and respect of Human Rights dignity and integrity as pronounced by the Constitution.’’ Concludes the panel.

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