Sierra Leone:COVID 19 “NOR TOUCH series set to premiere on 29th August at Life by Design

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

 Jusas Global, a private owned music and entertainment industry company operating in USA and Sierra Leone in collaboration with Kallos Real Estate is set to premier its latest Covid-19 ‘’Nor touch Series on Sunday 29th August 2020 at the life by design studios Brookfields, in Freetown.

The series will be launched  by the Minister of Tourism   Dr. Memunatu Pratt.

Covid 19-‘Nor Touch’ series is developed and centred around the pandemic perennated into episodes to address specific and sensitive issues like public emergency declaration, health education and awareness, fear, stigmatization, counselling which aims to combat the deadly virus.

 The series was done in the country’s local parlance (Krio) with slight English code switching and subtitled in English for global consumption and appreciation.

The series featured stars like Jimmy B ,  Patrick Ardu, Desmond Finny, Boss Lady Excel, TJ Cole, SSK , Kindo Armani among other  in the country’s film industry with Sheku M. Sheriff as the script and screen director of  the covid-19 Nor touch series

Speaking to Pan African Visions online in an exclusive interview , Abdul Sigismond Sesay, the Executive Producer  of the award winning movie Mind Game and of the  Covid -19 touch series , said  as a social entrepreneur,  he shares  a strong view that it is incumbent on any patriot to use his or her position ,strength and opportunity as a brainwave to push, transform and save lives thus the launching of the series to promote more awareness and sensitization on the dreadful pandemic ravaging the world.

“A duty to God, People and country from my scouting perspective through Lord Robert Stevenson Smith Baden Powell. The government past, present and future cannot provide all the jobs and opportunities; the private sector and developmental and result oriented individuals will reduce the fated tensions by investing in the country,’’he

He said that investment can be in the form of sacrifice to a common course like this one Covid 19 – ‘Nor Touch’ sensitization series , adding that they  are in partnership to release soon or a campaign for good governance and development to alleviate poverty.

“Leaving this fight only in the hands of government without compliance and adherence to safety guidelines, will be resolution to signing a death warrant or digging our own graves  as a repercussion. I don’t think we may want to ply such disastrous path,’’Sigismond said

He added that  most people think collaboration shows weakness, but on the contrary and the success of the Sierra Leone’s blockbuster movie Mind Game, the 2019/20 ‘Best Film of The Year’ has defeated that notion especially when tapping on the wisdom of some of the first-rated Legendaries  like Desmond Finney, Jimmy B, TJ Cole-The Mega Don, Brima Adulai Sheriff in the republic to put together a fearless paragon to sag the global pandemic.

“This high-powered partnership in the interest of ‘Mama Salone’ to champion the Covid 19 awareness campaign down to the grassroot will not go unnoticed and answering such humanity call is a virtue.  Exactly what this conglomerate have exhibited in risking your lives to roll in front and behind the camera through edutainment in contributing to nation building,’’the Executive producer added.

When asked about who financed the project , he stated the project was funded by them ,  despite the huge cash investment, sacrifice and time alongside the entire wonderful crew and casts, Covid 19 ‘Nor Touch’ series project remains a donation to the Government and People of Sierra Leone and the global community as a weapon to defeat corona adding that the  public will have access to it with no attached strings, free on local and global TV channels with hopefully available free copies all over the country as another means of access.

The Jusas Global boss went to say , he  appreciates the Government of Sierra Leone, thanking the head of CoVID -19 National Response and all others that have been working tirelessly for the people of the country during this trying time.

“Special thankyou to Jimmy B and Kao Denero for the greenlights to use your songs Leh We Yerri word by Jimmy B. & Covid 19 by Kao Denero as background tunes in the project. I am indebted and grateful too. In conclusion, let me extend a me to you BIG THANKYOU to my pillars Kallos, Director Sheku M. Sheriff, Desmond Finney, Samkab, Raymond Finney and the rest of the cast and production team for this masterpiece’’

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