S. Sudan: Three siblings ‘gruesomely’ murdered, President Kiir promises swift justice

By Deng Machol

A photo of the siblings provided by the family.
A photo of the siblings provided by the family.

Juba – South Sudan President Salva Kiir has condoled with the family of murdered children while promising to hunt down the perpetrator (s) and  get swift justice.

The siblings are said to have been killed in cold blood at 4:30 PM in Rock city residential area on August 1st, 2020. They were reportedly slaughtered by an unidentified person while watching television (TV).

The mutilated bodies of the girls; aged nine, seven and four – years old were found lying in cold blood at the floor of the sitting room at the time of deaths.

The neighbors say the children were murdered in the absence of their parents.

The mother had reportedly gone to the market and left the children watching television on that fateful day.

Preliminary findings show that the children may have been butchered by a lone criminal.

This heinous act in an urban set up has angered South Sudanese world over, has sent waves of shock and disbelief at how someone could take the lives of three innocent souls:

calling for justice.

The country’s Police are investigating what has been described as the most gruesome murder of three little children in history of the country.

President Salva Kiir has just issued a statement condemning the inhumane killing of the three children.

In a statement seen by this media President Kiir said he is “shocked and saddened” by heartless murder of innocent children and is also grabbling with the magnitude of the crime.

“The pain and trauma inflicted on us by the perpetrator (s) of this crime is enormous, as a country, will prevail. We will work tirelessly to make this criminal pay dearly for this heinous crime,” said president Kiir.

The killer has not been apprehended, but police say they have identified some suspects.

The president directed law enforcement agencies to use every tool in their disposal to quickly apprehend and bring the suspect before the law for trial.

“To this effect, I’m directing all law enforcement agencies to use every tool at their disposal towards expeditious apprehension and trial of the suspect (s) in these unjustifiable murders,” President Kiir.

He further appealed to the public to support the investigations by providing information to the police to help with the resolution of the crime.

The observers said this is revenge, it is not an act of someone who wants money or wants to kill the father or mother, but there is something he/she want to probably to destroy the parents.

President Kiir concluded by offering his message of solidary with the parents of the deceased and prayed for their strength during this tragedy.

Such inhumane acts have been reportedly in South Sudan since the conflict broke out in 2013.

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