Rwanda: Covid 19 Shuts down Two Big Markets

By Maniraguha Ferdinand

Kigali City market is one of the markets that were closed due to coronavirus
Kigali City market is one of the markets that were closed due to coronavirus

Rwanda has closed two big markets in the capital Kigali within a week due to the surge in coronavirus cases in few days ago.

 Up to Sunday, 16th August 2020, number of infected people  in Rwanda was at 2453, including eight deaths and 1648 who recovered.

During the last three days, number of cases in Kigali city rose to 219, and health officials emphasized that those numbers are worrying.

Minister of health, Dr Ngamije Daniel appearing on national broadcaster on Sunday, said that a big number of cases were found in two markets in the capital, mainly Kigali City Market which is in City business Center and Nyabugogo Market, which is near National taxi park.

Nyabugogo food market is known to be busy in the morning, with different people trading their harvests including vegetables, fruits among others.

Dr Ngamije said that since  these markets have been found to be hotspots of coronavirus cases, it prompted decision to close them.

“Due to the nature of market, people would be chatting, bargaining with buyers, no social distancing as if no coronavirus they know”, he said.

Local officials are planning to relocate those markets in the suburbs of the capital where they will find open markets easy to respect social distancing rules.

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