Kenya:Raila responds to Ruto’s ‘deep state’ claims, says he is unaware of the outfit

By Samuel Ouma

Kenya’s chief opposition leader Raila Odinga

Kenya’s chief opposition leader Raila Odinga has once again maintained his stand saying Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party is not in the government.

In a press briefing on Thursday, August 13, 2020, Raila said he holds no position in the government indicating that ODM is in opposition.

The former Prime Minister was responding to claims by the Deputy President William Ruto over the existence of a ‘deep state’ that is working tirelessly to block him from ascending to the presidency.

The ODM party leader distanced himself from the alleged outfit saying he is unaware of its existence.

“As you know, where I am I hold no position in the government of the Republic of Kenya. Kenya is led by the President whose name you know and his deputy whose name you also know. So if you are talking about the deep state, who is there? It’s the president and his deputy,” Raila said.

“Go and ask the Deputy President which deep State he is talking about… we are not in government as ODM. So we don’t know about this deep State,” he said.

The second in command on Tuesday, August 11, 2020, accused unnamed individuals whom he referred to as a system of devising schemes to rig him out during 2022 polls. Ruto stated that he is not afraid of anything.

“I just want to tell them: ‘We’re waiting for you’. This system, this deep state we are being told about, we are waiting for it,” he said.

In rejoinder, Central Organization of Trade Unions (Cotu) Secretary-General Francis dismissed the claims adding that the ‘deep state’ he is referring to secured him from the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“Ruto is a daytime dreamer. He is dreaming. He will never be the president of this great country. No one will stand in his way to stop him. We will see where he will get votes,” Atwoli told the Star.

The vocal Cotu boss accused the Deputy President of undermining the president calling him to resign.

“Ruto is interested in politics instead of serving Kenyans. He is number two and if he is not comfortable he should resign. This young man should not be rude to his bosses who are the taxpayers. He needs to understand that he is using the taxpayers’ funds for security, transport, and hosting delegations and must respect them,” Atwoli added.

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