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LAGOS, Nigeria, August 11th, 2020 -/African Media Agency (AMA)/- For the first time in Africa, business professionals will have a strong chance to acquire the CMA certification, through B Certified Pro.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a professional, U.S-based, globally recognized certificate that signifies that a person possesses knowledge in the areas of financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics.

Headed by founder, Gaby Lahoud, CMA, CSCA, CFA, PMP, MBA who is also a former Global Director of Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)’s Global Board of Directors, B Certified Pro is providing Live online tutorials for professionals in Africa, willing to upskill and gain the reputable CMA certification.

According to Gaby Lahoud, “The CMA certification has more than 125,000 members, globally. Africa is the only continent that was not given the chance by any course provider to join the global network of professionals. I see a huge potential in Africa due to the passion of its people to advance in their career and have a better life. It would be just right to give its current and future generations the chance that any other business professional gets.”

B Certified Pro training will target all business professionals and students, especially in the fields of accounting, finance, analysis, management, and any position that entails decision making. “We enroll professionals with a bachelor’s degree (in any field) from a respected university with 2 years of consecutive relevant experience. On the other hand, students that are still in University pursuing their Bachelor or MBA studies, can prepare & sit for the exam and after passing, they will be granted up to 7 years to finish their studies and accumulate the 2 years of experience needed to get accredited,” said Gaby Lahoud.

B Certified Pro will also work with universities, offering up to 10 yearly scholarships per select university, from IMA to cover exam fees, entrance fees & membership fees. An additional discount will also be provided by B Certified Pro for those who receive scholarships from IMA, or other university students.

An initiative geared towards filling the gap between what students learn in school and practices within the professional business world, Gaby Lahoud notes that the training,” will also help satisfy a need in the market for highly analytical professionals with skills to provide efficient and effective recommendations and take calculated decisions. The world is moving into a digital age where the need for basic task employees will decrease and the need for employees with analytical skills will increase. We are preparing the market to be ready for a shift in supply and demand for skilled labor, especially after COVID-19.”

Harrison Okyere Nyarko Finance Manager, Promasidor Ghana
Harrison Okyere Nyarko Finance Manager, Promasidor Ghana

One of the graduates for CMA PRO from the continent is Harrison Okyere Nyarko who is currently the Finance Manager, Promasidor Ghana. He explained that the accreditation has given him an edge above his peers in the industry. “I pursued the CMA certification because I wanted those reviewing my CV to know I have the right global competencies for the position being considered. As a global certification, the CMA teaches not only financial skills, but also modern business management competencies such as technology and analytics, strategic management, leadership, and ethics. These are the competencies that finance managers need to survive in the turbulence of today’s ever changing business environment. The IMA / ICMA diversity and inclusion policy has today allowed me to serve as a member of ICMA Board of Regents, a board which oversees the CMA certification process”

Akomu Omoye Okoh a Nigerian who is currently the Lead Financial Analyst at Chevron Corporation also explained that she found out about the CMA in 2013 and immediately registered with the IMA. She was successfully certified in 2016. “In preparing for the examination, access to good review courses was very fundamental. With the CMA, “you have got to earn it”. There were no short cuts. It is this approach to obtaining the certification that has made it very valuable to certificate holders,” she noted.

Akomu Omoye Okoh, Lead Financial Analyst at Chevron Corporation
Akomu Omoye Okoh, Lead Financial Analyst at Chevron Corporation

Akomu attributes her career growth to CMA certification. “The CMA certification has enabled me to be confident in my recent roles, especially one as a project accountant for a major capital project in the U.S. I am better able to analyze data and provide meaning and insights to those numbers. The value-adding skills and knowledge gained in the areas of estimating, forecasting and strategic thinking enables me to better address business issues of today.”

Currently B Certified Pro offers flexible learning schedules to its students. There are three enrollments in a year with schedules in February, June, and October. The CMA certification is known in more than 150 countries and has 300+ professional and student chapters. The CMA credential among other things is prestigious, professional, and rigorous.

Distributed by African Media Agency (AMA) on behalf of B Certified Pro.

About B Certified Pro
B Certified Pro is the essence of all the experience that its co-founder Gaby Lahoud CMA, CSCA, CFA, PMP, MBA accumulated over years of being engaged teaching CMA® internationally, and through his 15+ years of experience in the fields of finance, accounting, management, strategy and coaching. Gaby Lahoud is also a platinum level IMA® member.
The CMA® live sessions content is based on the deep knowledge of the CMA® program and the involvement with IMA® on different professional levels.

All professionals & students from the African continent will get an extra discount over any promotion that B Certified Pro is marketing. Please contact B Certified to get your special discount.

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