You can easily start your business online amidst COVID-19, here is how

The unprecedented global pandemic known as COVID-19 is undoubtedly changing the way
business is being done. More companies and small business owners are realizing the need to go
digital and enjoy business continuity.

Going digital allows many businesses to easily track consumer needs, reach out to the targeted
audience and, display their brand’s identity to a wide range of audiences. Starting or growing your
business online is therefore imperative. Below are essential tips to follow to get your business running online.

Fulfill a Need

A successful business is those that can fulfil a need. The key is to target consumers that require a
solution to a problem. The problem finding is easy to identify by;

• visiting online forums such as Quora to gather information
• using keyword research tools to identify trending keywords but do not have a lot of
competition with other sites
• researching into your competitors’ online platforms such as website and social media
networks to gain knowledge on the tools used to fill demands. You can then incorporate
those techniques into your business and add possible improvements to give you that
competitive edge. You are then on the road to start your business online.

Write Engaging Content

Well written and attractive content sets you apart. It is a booster to starting your business online. It must engage audiences to generate leads and convert those leads to loyal customers. A great copy:

• stirs up interest with an engaging headline
• describes what your product or services solve
• establishes your credibility as a problem solver
• creates a sense of urgency
• makes an offer
• asks for the sale
In writing a copy, focus on how your product or service is uniquely and creatively able to solve
problems or make consumer lives better.

Design and Develop a Functional Website

If you’re looking to start a business online, do not oversimplify the benefits of having a well-designed and functional website. If you can grab your audience within five seconds, then you’ve succeeded in grabbing their attention. Website layout and structure must be well planned and executed. Your website must also be mobile friendly as lots more people are hooked to their mobile devices.

Drive Targeted Buyers to Your Website with Search Engines

Pay-per-click advertising is said to be the easiest way to get traffic to a new website than waiting
for the traffic to come to you organically. This is because, pay per click advertising allows you to
test different keywords, as well as headlines, pricing and selling approaches.

You do not only generate immediate traffic, but you can discover your best, highest-converting
keywords. You can then incorporate such keywords into your website copy and code. This will
help you rank high in search engines.

Turn Leads to Loyal Consumers with Email Marketing

Embracing the power of email marketing enables you to develop a life long relationships with your
customers as well as give them a piece of direct information to what they are looking for. Besides
email marketing is cost-effective and pragmatic compared to print, tv or radio ads since it is highly

Increase Income through Back-End Sales

Ensure that every customer that buys from you once is willing to buy from you once more. Making
the first sale is where lies the difficulty. Once you can make the first sale, you can easily get your
consumers to make another purchase with back-end sales and upselling. Here is how,
• Send out digital loyalty coupons that customers can redeem on their next visit
• Offer products that complement original purchases

The key is to reward your customer to in turn be loyal to you. Do not be left out of this transformation. The impact COVID-19 has.

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