Use these strategies to boost your business whilst you work from home

The global Coronavirus pandemic has had untold impacts on various sectors of the economy and
the country as a whole.

The Coronavirus has begun a new wave of how business is done. Business owners and firms are finding ways to adjust working from home as there seems to be no end to this virus. The unprecedented impact of the virus may seem to have put small to medium scale business ‘underneath a dark cloud,’ but this is a pragmatic test on how easily you can adapt to change.Despite the virus’s impact, businesses must continue and as such, working from home will require hands-on strategies to boost your business. The following should be your prime focus while working from home to ensure business connectivity, high customer retention rate, increase sales, and profits

Engage in Social Media and Social Media Marketing

Social media offers you direct contact with your customers as well as potential customers. With social media, you can interact with your niche market, observe and gain insights into competitors’ social media strategies, generate leads, and promote your brand. Remember, while social media free, social media marketing is not, however, it is extremely cheaper compared to the traditional forms of marketing such as tv, radio, and newspaper ads. Moreover, with pay per click advertising, you can reach more audience and be able to convert those leads to loyal customers.

Engaging in social media will require posting unique and high-quality content, commenting, and reacting to
questions of your customer base among others. Social Media has gained and is still gaining traction
as a new form of brand-customer engagement.

Set up Virtual Meetings

Human as we are, we thrive on social interaction daily. Our usual physical interaction has been limited as we practice social distancing. Now is, therefore, the time to expand our knowledge on
digital communication tools such as Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. These tools enable yo
to interact with your employees/staff, customers, and suppliers with video conferencing

Have a Functional Website

Improving your online presence starts with having a functional and mobile-friendly website for your business. A website helps you in generating traffic and enables you to sell your unique brand to prospective customers. Incorporating a blog to your website is also vital in generating lead. The effective application of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will allow you to rank high in search engines.

Communicate through Emails Often

It is of the utmost importance that your business has an email product that is relevant for your
business model to ensure seamless communication. Consider utilizing platforms that provide you
with tools like collaboration, synchronization, cloud storage, a robust HTML editor, and anti-virus
protection if you are still using common email platforms such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Think of Your Customers

During this pandemic, a lot more people are going to face economic/financial hardships.
Unemployment across many economies is soaring with Ghana being no exception. To attract more
customers and retain current customers, why not find ways of giving back. You can offer
discounted prices to some if not all products and services. This will ensure your customers remain
even more loyal to your brand and even help you gain more customers.

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