Sierra Leone : President Bio Appoints New Attorney General And Minister Of Justice

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

The new Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Anthony Yeihwoe Brewah, taking the Oath of Office at State House before President Maada Bio

Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio has appointed renowned Lawyer  Anthony Yiehwoe Brewah as the country’s new Attorney General and Minister of Justice replacing her predecessor  Dr. Priscilla Schwartz ,the first ever female Justice Minister  in the country.

“It has pleased His Excellency the President , Brig.(Retired) Julius Maada Bio to appoint Anthony Yiehwoe Brewah as Attorney General and Minister of Justice with immediate effect,’’ a statement from the office of President said on Monday.

 Her replacement as Justice Minister has been mounting days  after the government lost the treason case against former defence  Minister and opposition politician Rtd. Alfred Palo Conteh with prominent lawyers , civil society activist , the media , citizens calling for her resignation as they felt  she has wasted the states  resources in a case where there were no evidences or need to have charged the matter.

The new Justice Minister becomes the third to hold that position since President Bio assumed power two years ago.

The former Justice Minister prior to her appointment as the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, worked as Senior Lecturer and the Director of the Energy and Natural Resources Law (Master of Laws (LLM) Programme, at the College of Professional Services, Royal Docks School of Business and Law, University of East. London, United Kingdom (2012-2018). She has also lectured at the University of Leicester, UK, (2007-2012), Queen Mary, University of London, UK (2008-2011), School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK (2011-2013).

Speaking on Local television on AYV’s Wake Up Sierra Leone on Monday, on Palo’s treason trial, Renowned Human Rights Lawyer Augustine Sorie Sangba Marah, said “She’s put the nation through enormous distress, enormous fear and I think the humble thing is for the AG to have her resignation”

Another Renown Lawyer, Law lecturer and former Ombudsman Francis Gabbidon also called for the Minister of Justice resignation on Local television AYV stating that ” the decision to ignore the Police investigation of unlawful possession and charge for treason is a big blunder, the attorney general should tender her resignation to the President”

These calls by these prominent lawyers including ordinary citizens critics believed that these could have pressured the President to replace her with another person on late Monday evening.

Popular journalist and editor of Salone Times Newspaper , Thomas Dixon, wrote on his Facebook account “AG Priscilla Schwartz out!…. We have A listening President.

However there has been no statement from the former Justice since her replacement on Monday night.

The new attorney general was first appointed as Minister of  Local government and Rural development but was sacked less than a year in that office.

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