Mozambique: Coronavírus hits Montepuez Ruby Mining camp

By Jorge Joaquim

Ten people at Montepuez Ruby Mining’s workers’ camp in Cabo Delgado province have tested positive for coronavirus, in addition to another worker in the mine’s services and security camp.

The infecteds are in isolation in their accommodation and most cases are asymptomatic, the company said in press release, adding that the government has already been notified of the outbreak in its camp, and that it was taking steps to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.

“The relevant government authorities have been notified of these cases and we are working in a transparent manner to coordinate our response to the situation. To this end, we are implementing the necessary measures, in line with government guidelines, to minimize the risk of further spread of Covid-19,” announced Harald Hälbich, MRM’s Director General, on the ongoing measures to contain the spread of the disease at the mine.

All those who may have been in direct contact with these workers in the recent past and those who are vulnerable because of their age or underlying medical conditions are being subjected to isolation.

“All employees must strictly comply with the measures in response to Covid-19, including the use of face protection masks outside of housing, social distancing and hand hygiene based on water and soap or alcohol gel,” recommended Amarildo Teixeira, head of the Health, Hygiene and Safety at Work Department at MRM.

Montepuez is the site of the biggest ruby deposits in the world, discovered in 2009.

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