Meckanzy reaches out to West Africa’s youth to support the development of digital marketing capabilities

Donald Meckanzy President, Meckanzy INC.
Free virtual training and job opportunity.

Meckanzy Inc. today announced a free professional complete digital marketing training opportunity. It is a virtual training that will last for six (6) weeks, and cover copy writing, content creation, SEO, Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing, and many more areas needed to grow any business online effectively from scratch. The free professional digital marketing training also seeks to provide part-time employment opportunities as well as a certificate for those who may be interested in working with a fast-growing multinational company to serve her international clients.

“We are passionate about investing in people now because this is in time for them to make a lot of profit in the coming Christmas holiday season sales and beyond,” says Queen Benson, Quality Control Lead at Meckanzy. More so, due to the massive job loss during the pandemic, this skill training will aid many in earning a living.

Features and benefits of the free digital marketing training:
It is 100% Free.
Learn at your own pace for 1 – 2 hours per week.
Get certified from a fast-growing multinational company.
Secure a part-time job with us.
The application is ongoing and will end on the 20th of July, 2020. To apply visit:

About Meckanzy:
Meckanzy is a fast-growing multinational marketing company aimed at giving a market share to our clients in their regions and industries.
*SOURCE Meckanzy

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