Kenya bans alcohol sale for 30 days

By Samuel Ouma

Kenyan government has banned the sale of alcohol in restaurants and eateries for one month as part of measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

Speaking during the state of the nation address on Monday, the President said the bars remain closed until further notice.  

The Head of the State directed the Inspector of General Police (IG) Hillary Mutyambai to revoke permanently licences of bars, restaurants and eateries that will flout the regulations in place.

Kenyatta reiterated that socialising in areas serving alcohol hampers government’s efforts in fighting the disease.

At the same time, he reviewed closing hours for eateries and restaurants to 7pm from 8pm.

“That there shall be no sale of alcoholic beverages in eateries and restaurants across the territory of the republic of Kenya effective midnight today for the next 30 days,” said Kenyatta.

The president further extended the nationwide dusk to dawn curfew by another 30 days. He ordered the IG not to spare any person who will breach safety measures given by the Ministry of Health.

“All measures will be for all Kenyans regardless of an individual’s status,” he directed.

Kenyans have been challenged to hold each other accountable adding that everybody is vulnerable to the disease.

“If someone enters your shop, and you own the business, if he has no mask, insist that they wear one. We are living in abnormal times. Let us not think that we are special. Please, let us not follow examples we have seen across the world,” said the president.

“We need to be realistic. None of us wants to mourn who would have survived if not for our actions. The power is in your hands. We are the ones who have the power to save,” he noted.

Since the president eased the Covid-19 restrictions on July 6, the country has witnessed a surge in the cases. The number of fatalities has also increased.

The President addressed the nation after meeting Governors in the State House in Nairobi.

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