Insider tips for developing a successful affiliate digital marketing strategy

Affiliate marketing is, without a doubt, one of the essential strategies for business growth. With affiliate marketing, you can easily create awareness about your business, get new customers, generate more traffic to your website, drive more sales, and recommend word of mouth.

Like all business strategy, it has its tactics that can make you a success in affiliate marketing. And if not properly managed, it has pitfalls that can have a severe impact on your ROI.

Also, like other digital marketing strategies, it is not static. Affiliate marketing is very fluid when it comes to reaching out to customers, and as the world continues to change, it is also changing. There have been changes in the recent approach to affiliate marketing, especially with the ever-changing economic climate. Moreover, COVID-19 has also had a massive impact, and trends like critical events timing, traditional customer need, and seasonality can no longer be considered. Of course, this can affect many things, including your strategy for running a successful affiliate marketing program, content strategy, and inventory levels, among others.

So, before you start an affiliate program, you have to, first of all, build a solid base. Organize your data to make result interpretation easier. Create a dashboard for measuring the variables which you have plotted to track. Then consider your promotional methods and the value of the affiliate. This will allow you to commission appropriately, considering the lifetime value of the new customer and your internal margins.

To build a successful affiliate marketing program, here are some insider tips from custom essay service to help you achieve this.

Avoid Ad Fraud

One thing that you have to learn is that not all traffic online is equal. According to the digital advertising industry on their custom essay writing service platform, ad fraud is a false record of traffic, leads, and clicks. They are generated by data centers, bots, and other illegitimate sources and create a false impression of high-value traffic from people interested in your product.

The people that fall, victim, invest their monies in these ads because of the inaccurate data and false picture. Industry research proves that, in 2018, North American advertisers lost $44 million for add due to because of fraudulent traffic details. More telling is the fact that this figure is expected to reach $100 million by 2023.

Affiliate marketing has a high ROI and many benefits, but scammers are now taking advantage of this. If the traffic sources are unknown sources, or the metrics are inconsistent with the industry average, you need to be careful and ask questions. Make sure that you are as skeptical as you can be. If they are showing hundreds of sales and thousands of clicks from a blog with low traffic, then there’s a problem with the source. Many traffic platforms and affiliate networks provide support for advertisers to address ad fraud. So, if you are suspicious of a publisher’s traffic, you can investigate these resources.

Remain on top of the ranking site and industry review

A research posted on the platform shows that those that maintain the top three positions on review sites and ranking have up to 90% traffic on the websites. Others in fourth position or even lesser will not get as much ROI because of less visibility and traffic.

When you are investing in a site, be sure to check where your investment level leaves you on the rank. If your ranking is low, you should consider investing further. Also, be sure to track your return at the same time, so you know whether it is profitable to continue investing with that publisher or look elsewhere. If you continue to check your results and keep track, it will be easy for you to make the adjustment and not waste more of your marketing funds. 

Track your competitors

When you track your placement location and positions on the sites, pay a lot of attention to your competitors’ relations. Some publishers will optimize their revenue naturally, which would indicate which of your competitors are getting more attention from them because of their payouts. This will affect your conversion rates.  If there is one competitor that continues to increase their voice with the publishers, that might be where they focus.

Having an idea of how your competitors invest in one channel is a significant advantage for you. This will help you plan your marketing strategies to achieve faster and better ROI. You can also design your strategies based on your competitors. For instance, if you have an idea of when your competitor is having a promo, you can also put out a bigger promo at the same time, or choose a time that you can maximize well enough.

According to aussie essay writer at best writing services, tracking your competitors and knowing where they spend their budget can give you an idea of how to plan your strategy. You will easily find opportunities to exploit this way, like an inventory they are not paying enough attention to, and you can take advantage of this. Basically, it helps you to compete with them better.

Understand your gaps and attribution systems

You have to look at the value and contributions of your affiliates (with your internal analytics), and make comparisons to the price that you are paying for other platforms and traditional networks. Know the affiliated that provides enough value for you, so that you pay for only those actions that you see are successful in helping you achieve your larger goals. Ensure that these figures align so that you pay for the exact value you are getting in the internal report.


The thing with digital marketing is that there is no one strategy that is a perfect fit for all situations. If you make excellent plans for yourself, you can create a road map to help you achieve your goals. Be sure to study your competitors and know what drives your traffic. Then you will be on the road to successful affiliate marketing.

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