South Sudan:SSPDF Army Officer Lual, the Suspect in Juba Shooting, Is Dead

By Deng Machol

Juba – South Sudan People Defense Forces (SSPDF) officer, the nephew of President Salva Kiir who shot dead unarmed civilians in Sherikat, suburb of Juba capital city on Wednesday has succumbed to death due to some head injuries, the army spokesperson has said.

The standoff between the gunman and the residents was triggered by a dispute over a piece of land.

On Wednesday, eyewitnesses said that the SSPDF officer;  claimed colonel in the army, former known as Lual Marine arrived at the bus park and allegedly started shooting civilians indiscriminately over a land dispute, killing five and wounding seven others.

Protests broke out in the area where the incident took place as residents blocked roads and burned tyres, while in the placards written, “Lual is a killer, and “Kiir must go, among others, demanding justice for the slain victims.

On the same development, hundreds of citizens in Bor town of Jonglei State floods to the streets to protest the killings in Gumbo-Sherikat – East of Juba town. Both the protesters demanded justice for the victims.

President Kiir’s nephew Lual Akook Wol Kiir and six of his bodyguards were arrested after a shooting incident that killed at least five unarmed civilians, injuries seven civilians.

As a result, the Office of the President issued a statement condemning the attack, saying a full probe was underway, adding that Lual was in a hospital in a critical condition due to injuries.

However, the SSPDF spokesperson, Major Gen. Lul Ruai confirmed that suspect Lual had succumbed to the injuries.

“It is true that he [Lual] had passed on yesterday [Wednesday] at 9. P.m, and there is no reason to fake his death” Lul told Pan African Visions. “The next step is that before he passed on he was arrested along with his six (6) body-guards that were involved in shooting in Sherikat, we are filing on with legal charges against those who are already in custody.”

Lul says the special court martial is going to be formed. “They will be try and sentence in accordance with the laws.”

On the other hand, Police spokesperson Brig Gen. Daniel Justin also confirmed it, saying the case is opened and the suspects must face justice.

Both Lul, Justin says his co-accused will be arraigned before a court martial for trial.

Following the incident, the government appealed for calm as the government took charge of investigating the incident.

Lual has been accusing of committed several crimes and terrorize people in Juba, including head unknown gunmen group in Juba.

The observers say the dude uses Kiir’s name and state powers to terrorize and kill at will since 2013.

Though calm has returned to Sherikat, there is heavy military presence in the area.

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