Gambia’s Opposition Leader Says LGBT People Are Disgusting

By Bakary Ceesay

Mai Ahmad Fatty

Gambia opposition leader has called lesbians, gays, bisexual, and transgender people (LGBT) ‘disgusting’ and has warned that his party will never provide a safe haven for them.

Mai Ahmad Fatty, leader of the Gambia Moral Congress party (GMC) said marriage is between man and woman and anything contrary to that will never find legitimacy in the Gambia.

“Without a scintilla of doubt, a GMC Government will enact the most stringent penal statute ever, in response to such egregious deviant conduct,” the lawyer cum politician wrote on his Facebook page.

“We will not be on an active search for culprits, but they will not find tranquillity to practice such evil. We do not even want promoters of LGBT to join GMC. If you are not yet part of us, and it means that much to you, please stay away from us. It’s exceedingly disgusting lifestyle condemned by Allah and for which an entire generation was obliterated (according to the Scriptures).

“If LGBT means so much to you above and beyond, welcome to the highway exit from GMC. I call on all those who share this view to boycott all politicians, Imams and Priests who directly or indirectly propagate or condone this bestiality. No one should pray behind an Imam or a priest who defends this haraam (evil) nonsense. This is a RED LINE.”

In a later post in reaction to criticisms from activists and right defenders regarding his homophobic comments, Fatty, a lawyer and former minister of interior government of President Adama Barrow, fired back: “Let me make it absolutely clear to those expressing disappointment with my position on LGBT. No amout [amount] of hostile rhetoric, syndicated calumny, condemnation or vitriolic attacks shall impact my position. LGBT is a non negotiable variable for GMC Platform and its Party Leader.”

The  former presidential adviser on policy and governance  added: “All those infuriated by my position must be fully assured that they are recklessly beating a dead horse. No apologies. No regrets. I am NOT one of those convenient public figures who cuddle under mortal fire or change positions simply because it is fashionable to do so. Throughout my life, I’ve always stood openly and publicly for what I believe in. Nothing will change that! I invite you to stand with me on this, to protect our children, the furure [future] of our country, and defend our values. God Bless the Republic of The Gambia”

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