Outspoken Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Information Fired over Comparison of covid-19 measures taken by Presidents of Zimbabwe and Tanzania

Dr Energy Mutodi

By Nevson Mpofu Munhumutapa

Considered by the government as totally outspoken ,  rude and un-respectful  Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Information , Publicity and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi  was fired immediately after he made swiping remarks regarding measures  taken by Tanzanian President  John Mugufuli as compared to President Mnangagwa’s measures to contain covid-19 virus .

Regis Chikowore  of the  President’s Office who is the Communications  Officer  announced this in Harare two days ago .  He however refereed Journalists to Dr Sibusiso Moyo the  Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade .

In a statement to Pan-African-Visions contacted a day ago in Harare , the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Dr Sibusiso Moyo pointed out that the remarks made by the outspoken Deputy Minister were a swipe to separate and disturb good relations between the two countries already in good , well respected relations .

‘’ I make reference to a message posted on twitter by Energy Mutodi the Deputy Minister of Information , Publicity and Broadcasting Services  on May 4 this year regarding the measures taken by Tanzanian President John Mugufuli as compared to Mnangagwa’s measures meant to contain, covid 19 ‘’. The two countries just like all other countries took their measures to contain covid-19 . This is not subject to comparison at all .’’

‘’I wish to make it clear that the statement does not reflect the Government’s position or policy . Zimbabwe respects John Mugufuli as President of Tanzania. The two countries are part and parcel of Africa . They are all in AU and after all Tanzania is in the SADC region . This is just to create confusion , cause misunderstandings , drawing back good relations , progress and developments achieved so far . Africa  is united . It must not be divided by  its leaders or influence of anyone one .’’

Energy Mutodi  had a deft move meant to  show  differences  in terms of measurements meant to contain covid -19 between the two countries , thereby causing  misunderstanding between the two countries .Among other disturbing issues created by Mutodi , he is accused of making the Ministry  of Foreign Affairs get into other deeper contrite issues meant to bring confusion , perplexity and confound circumstances  misleading the whole picture of good relations with  a fellow African State , Tanzania .

Dr Sibusiso Moyo  did not however make it clear on the  measures and how they were meant to destroy relations of the two countries . While there is no clear  on  extension of the case , critics point out that Mutodi was even a nuisance at the  Ministry of Information where Monica Mutsvangwa is the Minister .Interviewied  officials in the government say the ouster   of Mutodi was good riddance to bad rubbish as   his  record  was spreading out to all Ministries .

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