Mozambique: Poisoned Fish Confiscated

By Jorge dos Santos*

An unspecified amount of poisoned fish that when consumed by people can cause testicular atrophy and death was confiscated on Wednesday in the province of Sofala, centre of Mozambique.

The fish was caught at the confluence of the Urema and Pungué Rivers located in Gorongosa National Park (PNG), Mozambique’s largest, and then rubbed with insecticides to keep out flies and insects.

However, the products used put public health at risk as the fish would then be transported in bales and sold to the public in several urban centers, indicates a PNG press release seen by Pan African Visions.

“The types of insecticides found such as chloroacetanilide, pyrethroids and organophosphates are also toxic to humans,” it says.

Thus the consumer of this fish would be at high risk of developing side effects such as various types of tumors, kidney damage, vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea and more, the press release added.

The fishermen were arrested and referred to the local court where they could suffer greater imprisonment.*

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