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Energy Lobby to Host Webinar on Financing the Recovery of African Oil and Gas Markets

May 07, 2020

The webinar is part of the Africa Energy Series, and will be hosted by the African Energy Chamber in partnership with Africa Oil & Power on May 15th at 12:30 London time (GMT+1)

In line with its recently-released Common-sense Energy Agenda that calls for banking and financial support to the oil & gas sector, the African Energy Chamber ( will be hosting a webinar exploring the role of Private Equity, gas monetization and African marginal oilfield producers in supporting economic recovery. The webinar is part of the Africa Energy Series, and will be hosted by the African Energy Chamber in partnership with Africa Oil & Power on May 15th at 12:30 London time (GMT+1).

The webinar will benefit from the participation of Kola Karim, Managing Director and CEO of Shoreline Energy International, a leading Nigerian independent oil producer; Nyonga Fofang, Managing Director of Bambili Group, an Africa-focused private equity firm; and Steve Brann, Senior Investment Manager at Vitol. It will be moderated by Shawn Duthie, Managing Director of Inyani Intelligence, and James Chester, Acting CEO of Africa Oil & Power.

“We have to come to terms with the new realities of our energy sector and it is time to explore concrete solutions to finance and support our recovery and ensure future sector growth,” stated NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman at the African Energy Chamber. “The future of our markets relies on mobilizing capital in innovative ways and structuring deals that work for our companies and our industry,” he added.

The discussions on May 15th will notably center on the role private equity can play in ensuring the come back of Africa’s energy sector, along with exploring ways African independents can navigate the current climate and position themselves for future recovery. In addition, a highlight will be given to gas by debating on the future of African and global LNG trade.

As global markets face a shortage of liquidity in years to come, the African Energy Chamber believes that only stronger industry cooperation and dialogue can result in maximizing capital inflows into Africa. This requires new ways of thinking and new financing strategies to develop assets, get projects off the ground and ensure that the recovery of the sector translates into local jobs creation and revenue generation.

*Africa Energy Chamber

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