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Tanzania: Magufuli prefers to let God end COVID-19 instead of suffering regional Economic Crisis

April 14, 2020

By Mohammed M.Mupenda 

East Africa will be in trouble if Tanzania shuts its borders says President Magufuli

While most of EastAfrican countries are in total lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, President Magufuli of Tanzania decided to leave it for God to secure a solution as he pays attention to the economic growth of his country.

In a speech on Easter sunday, Magufuli said that most of the eight  neighbouring  countries would die of hunger if Tanzania decides to lock down its boarders.

" We are surrounded by at least eight countries Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Uganda and more. If we had closed boarders it was like killing people from these neighbour countries, they could not get petrol, they could not manage to have their vehicles operating to transport patients, I said that our economic activities should continue to operate, God will end up the disease and we will go ahead with our activities," said John Magufuli, His Excellency President of Tanzania.

"When the disease enters your home it will kill all your people, when a snake enters your room you start firing your kids in a disorder without knowing where the snake is, can all be bitten. So, what I am emphasizing dear my fellow people and Tanzanians in general is that the vision we have taken as the country is the good one, we are putting God forward because God is everything, and we have to foĺlow the advice as expert have stated, we know that nowadays we can only get saved by Christ, today, when our churches were closed we could not even meet the priests and any other person to help us praying, think of that life! Guess what could be our location? Let me tell you my friends! We will never lockdown people at home ," people applauded for him.

He went ahead saying: "Businesses will be done in our country, you will continue doing farming activities, if you are a fisherman, do it, God gave us rain, and it rains everywhere even three times a year, if you have to plant Irish potatoes, Cultivate today and tomorrow! This food will be needed . I have hope as we used to be taught that we need to depend on God, let us continue to depend on our God, let us cry for Our God! Let us cry for Our God all the days, let us kneel down for Our God, I hope that everyone in his/her religion should pray and problems will run away. Even now with the spread of the disease worldwide,  Tanzanians are safe and it is for the blessing and power of the Almighty God!" People also applauded for The President . 

"So, we continue to thank our God, let us go ahead praying him and let us confess our sins! And I have hope that he will stand for us! I thank you for this time, I thank you to stay calm and lead this conversation, I thank the choirs, me, I am still your friend who never changes 'John' I am very happy to be with you in this Congregation to pray and remember Jesus Christ's painful journey who saved our hearts and we are surviving up on his love. He died for us on the cross because of our sins, he saved us our sins and all our sicknesses, and further Paroko has embarked on that during this pray. I love you my fellows, I thank you all !  I also thank you Farther Paroko, God bless you !!!"

Some Rwandans, one the East African country believe the lock-down has helped them from spreading the pandemic.

However, There are also speculations that The pandemic could hit and kill more of African countries in near future

COVID-19 has claimed over 114,000 lives with over 1.8 million confirmed cases worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation.  

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