Sierra Leone: Surge in COVID-19 Cases

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

Sierra Leone has today recorded eleven (11) new cases of the Corona Virus  bringing the total number of positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 to 26 a press release from the  Information Directorate , Ministry of Information  has said.

The surge in new cases is the highest that has been recorded so far by the West African nation, but the Ministry of Information said all cases are linked to previous confirmed cases.

“All cases are in the treatment facility and are doing fine. The total number of persons quarantined is 531 and 974 have been discharged from quarantine. Members of the public are encouraged to call 117 if you have fever, tiredness and cough,’ ’the release stated.

 The Ministry encouraged the public to adhere to the following measures, that  ferries will be used for transporting essential goods only , no passengers allowed adding that boats carrying essential food items with more than 4 persons onboard  will not be allowed to berth at any wharf.

The Information Directorate noted that timber is not considered an essential item and therefore inter-district pass will not be issued to vehicles transporting timber adding that the public is also advised to wash hands with soap and water frequently or use hand sanitizer , avoid touching one’s eyes , nose and mouth with unwashed hands ;cough or sneeze into their upper arm or sleeve ;and avoid close contact  especially in crowded areas and at social gatherings.

“The Public is encouraged to take good care of their health to help protect against COVID-19. Take children for Marklates and go to the hospital for Antenatal care (ANC) , safe delivery , malaria testing and treatment and other regular care . Hospital remain the safest place to go for health checks , treatment and care’’

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