Rwanda tourism industry counts $36 million loss in one month due to COVID-19

By Maniraguha Ferdinand

Hotels in Rwanda are the most affected among tourism industry

Rwanda’s tourism industry, the backbone of the country’s economy has lost more than $ 36 million since the coronavirus outbreak.

As of  2018, contribution of travel and tourism to GDP for Rwanda was at 14.9 %, however Coronavirus have  affected badly this sector  pushing it to the total shutdown with outright uncertainty for recovery.

Businesses people into the sector have asked government to intervene  by providing  stimulus that will help  to recover.

The survey conducted  by Rwanda Chamber Tourism of the Private Sector Federation, shows that by the end of March, over $ 36 million have been lost.

Survey predicts that such  loss is likely to increase as more members share data, and as well as the time the lockdown will last. From mid-March,  Rwanda is in total lockdown which is expected to end by 19th April 2020.

Coronavirus cases in the country stands at 136 as of 16th April, and it is likely to increase that the lockdown will be extended.

Data from the survey reveals that measures taken to contain coronavirus, have led to the suspension of more than 3800 workers in tourism industry, while weakening  capacity to repay more than $ 93 million loans tourism industry owes banks.

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