COVID-19:Nigeria Open to Evacuating citizens from USA

By Amos Fofung

President Muhammadu Buhari

The federal government of Nigeria is preparing to evacuate it citizens from the United States as the country now tops the world in coronavirus infections.

By the time of this report, the United States had a record total of 304,826 positive cases and had already counted 7,616 deaths.

In a public notice dubbed “Evacuation of Nigerians from the USA” the Consulate General of Nigeria in New York called on Nigerians in the US to get ready, saying plans were well afoot to “rescue” them from the health pandemic raving thousands in the across the United States.

“The Consulate General of Nigeria is compiling names of Nigerian Nations requiring emergency evacuation during this challenging period of the covid-19 pandemic. The purpose of the exercise is to enable the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provide the necessary assistance nationals in the united states of America,’ a section of the noticed signed by Ninkanwa O. Okey Uche, Information and Community Relations officer at the New York Consulate reads.

The administration of Muhammadu Buhari via its consulate urged all citizens in need of evacuation to follow through with necessary modalities adding that as soon as arrangements are finalized, all those who wishes to be evacuated will be informed accordingly.

Nigeria is the first country to call it citizens back from the US as the world super power crumble to it knees after been hit hardest by the pandemic which started in Wuhan China earlier this year.

With just 232 confirmed cases, 5 deaths and 33 recoveries, Nigeria just like most African states still has lower casualty rates from the ravaging pandemic which now counts 1,274,543 confirmed cases worldwide with over 69,487 deaths.

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