COVID-19: South West Region Records 13 cases of the Coronavirus in Cameroon

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Dr Ebongo Zacheus Nanje, South West Regional Delegate of Public Health speaking during an evaluation meeting in Buea

13 cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the South West Region of Cameroon. A total of 222 cases have been tested for COVID-19 in the region. Limbe has five confirmed cases, seven cases recorded in Buea (upward from one case), and Kumba has recorded its first case of the virus. The Region so far has one dead, that was exported to Douala.

2 out of the 12 active cases in the Region are healthcare personnel. The case fatality rate of the COVID-19 stands at 8.3 per cent. The mean age so far for the confirmed cases ranges from 29 to 54.

These statistics were presented by the Regional Delegate of Public Health for the South West Region, April 21, during an evaluation meeting chaired by the Governor of the Region to ascertain the level of preparation against the virus.

Some of these patients are being treated at the Buea Regional Hospital specialized COVID Centre, with the help of Doctors without Borders. Those who develop cardiovascular complications were sent to Douala where the recovery rate is very encouraging, according to officials. 

Mayor of Buea, Barrister David Mafani Namange

“We are stepping up our control measures, firstly implementing the twenty measures put in place by the state, and at the level of the Region we are improving on contact tracing to this 13 positive cases, and also trying to improve on the case management,” Dr Ebongo Zacheus Nanje, South West Regional Delegate of Public Health told the press.

“Two testing centres have been made available to carry out testing. UB has enough qualified staff to man the centre, and should they need support the Ministry of Health will send backups. CBC hospital in Mutengene also has a qualified team to step in.”

The Buea Council has intensified their efforts as they continue to educate the population on the coronavirus. Speaking to Pan African Visions, the Mayor Barrister David Mafani Namange said they are using the mobilization and sensitization van, and using the media. “I think the population is adhering to what we are doing. adding to the handwashing points that we have put in place, many business owners have copied and instituted their at their worksite.”

“We have produced close to ten thousand locally made masks that we have distributed, to the Central and Upper Farms Prisons. We have equally produced another batch which in the days ahead will be distributed. We have partnered with other persons to continue producing and distributing these masks to the population.”

To carter for patients, a full-fledged treatment centre has been made at the disposal of the Region in Limbe. At first, complicated cases had to be taken to Douala which increased the chances of people dying.

“In the days ahead some tents, and medicalized cubicles will be mounted at the Middle Farms Stadium for patients to be received and treated completely for the coronavirus. Considering the geographical location of the South West, we think we are doing our best to keep the numbers to their bearest minimum, compared to if nothing was being done” Dr Ebongo Zacheus said.

“COVID-19 is a reality, we should keep barrier measures, stay at home if you feel sick and call the number put in place for that, wash hands regularly, and above all wear face masks when going out to the public and in so doing you will protecting your love ones and the community as a whole.”

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