COVID-19: CERAC Donates to Taxi Drivers’ Syndicate, Orphanages, Market Women

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai hands CERAC's gifts against coronavirus to a representative
Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai hands CERAC’s gifts against coronavirus to a representative

The Cycle of Friends of Cameroon better known by its French acronym, CERAC (Le Cercle des Amis du Cameroun) through its founder Chantal Biya, First Lady of Cameroon has made available face-masks, Savon, handwashing buckets to some groups in the South West Region.

The Governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai on behalf of CERAC handed these face masks, Savon, tap-like buckets specially adapted to ensure handwashing with running water, to representatives of the different targeted groups, as the fight against the coronavirus intensifies. 

The items were given to representatives of market women, urban transporters and two orphanages.

The Markets identified were given 30 cartons of Savon, 14 handwashing utensils, 1 large handwashing utensil, and 700 protective face masks. The transport syndicates which cuts across other Divisions were given 40 cartons of Savon,  8 handwashing utensils, 650 protective masks, and some t-shirts, while the two orphanages were given 9 cartons of Savon, 3 handwashing utensils, 150 protective masks.

By this gesture, the First Lady is equally playing her part while encouraging others to do their parts in the fight against the virus. These products are aids in addition to the measures put in place by the government against the COVID-19.

“Following this gesture, other leaders should come and do the same because the needs are enormous. With the security crisis, we were in, many internally displaced lack basic needs to sustain the implementation of the measures put in place.”

The Governor has called on many to adhere to the measures as it has been observed that family members welcome their relatives from abroad without even honouring the laid measures.

“… We call on them to observe the measures of quarantine, various checkups, and others,” Governor Bernard Okalia Bilia said. “If they do not observe these measures, they will be arrested. It is to save lives, protect them, and the community.”

“We are going to use gifts very well. Before we go to the market we are going to wash our hands, put on the face masks so as to protect ourselves from the disease,” a beneficiary noted.

Malle Maxcel, President of Fako Drivers Union said: “We hope that this gesture will go a long way in increasing the fight against the coronavirus in the region.” “We pray that all of us together will fight against the crisis.”

CERAC's gifts for the fight against the coronavirus in Cameroon
CERAC’s gifts for the fight against the coronavirus in Cameroon

“Fako drivers have been given face masks, while a lot of sensitization has been carried out in the fight against the coronavirus. We have equally encouraged our drivers to observe the social distancing measures put in place by the government.”   

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