Meet Gambian DJ People’s Choice in Europe who is uniting People Through Music

By Bakary Ceesay

DJ People's Choice and Joe Nevix at Afro-House
DJ People’s Choice and Joe Nevix at Afro-House

DJ People’s Choice, Italian based awards winning Gambian International Deejay is inspiring the people through music in Italy and across Europe.

Raised in The Gambia, he spent his time listening to good music and inspire that music is a tool to spread positivity across the globe inspire him to take deejay as a career to entertain, teach, unify people through music.

Passionate and talented young DJ, dividing his time between his love for music and music production with his partner Joe Nevix, a well-known music producer at Afro-House.

Rising up from humble beginnings, the fastest rising DJ, based in Sicily Messina is one the  most booked disc joker as he is already booked for on 19th February at Catania Stone Club, on 23rd February at Carnevale Villafranca, Palermo Timeless Club, on February 24th Messina and on 26th March Catania Lua Beach.

He is among the top DJs that play in Villafranca Tirrena, an annual festival in Sicily Messina which used to attract over thirty thousand people. He is now a household name in Messina by uniting and entertaining people through music.

DJ People’s Choice at Villafranca fest

He is accredited by his professionalism and humbleness earned him the opportunity to work with many promoters, artistes, Djs, event organisers and radio stations in Italy.  He is currently managed by Get Money, a prominent Gambian booking agent based in Italy.

 “My priority is promoting Gambian music, reggae dancehall, reggaeton, recruiting young DJs who want to be professional Djs in future and I also build a studio with my partner Joe Nevix, called Afro-House, Latin-House and House Music, Joe, is an international producer and we are calling on all Gambian artistes to come forward and work with us,” he explained.

He added that Afro-House is working with ENC, one of Gambia’s finest dancehall artiste and Brezzy Boy, uprising Gambian artiste based in Italy. 

He called on Gambian artistes in Europe to come forward and work with the studio as their doors are open to all artistes for professional productions of songs, EP and album project.


Due to his commitment and hard work in 2017, he was award ‘Super DJ’ Sicily Messina and in 2019 he was awarded by West African Music Mixtape Awards Dj People’s Choice as ‘excellent best music Mixtape displayed on the annual West African music competition’

Reacting to these awards, DJ People’s Choice said this motivates him that he is on right track in impacting the lives of people through music.

He commended his partner Joe Nevix, of Afro-House and all the promoters who always believed in him by booking him to entertain the audiences.

He assured he will continue the journey in educating and entertaining people through music by spreading positivity, togetherness as one people in the world.

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