Giving back to society: Op Studios reaches out to Rising Star Orphanage, Dodowa

“Words of recognition and appreciation to a child are like sunshine and rain to a flower” (unknown).

And if there is anything that
gives children confidence, builds them up spiritually, emotionally and psychologically,
then it certainly ought to be a simple show of love and affection.

Such noble acts put smiles on their
pretty little faces and create the needed spark to spur them on to achieve
whatever they set their minds on.

Smile is infectious, it melts hardened
hearts, break tensions and calm down nerves, and for children, without it in their
daily affairs, life loses its essence and meaning.

While some children experience this
in abundance throughout their formative years, because they have parents and families
to ensure that, others, mostly Orphans, will to have to be chasing through the long
years of their lives shadows of vanished parents to enjoy some semblance of
hearty smiles.

OP studios showed love to the kids

And so, as water is to the thirsty soul so is the show of love, affection and attention to the orphan and the dejected, hence the little or no wonder at all when there came a pandemonium of smiles, radiating through the many happy-tasty faces at the Rising Star Orphanage in Dodowa, as the Op and Client Support Outreach team walked into their premises last Saturday, March 14, 2020.

Led by its Founder, Habib Lanry Mahmoud, the Op and Clients Support Outreach team fed the kids, numbering 53, with food, assorted drinks, local beverages as well as candies.

One of the Volunteers, Abdul Razak, enjoying a meal with the kids

The kids were not only given sumptuous meals, but there was also a donation made to the home to cater for them.

The kids patiently waiting in line for their food. In the middle are some of the volunteers

Some of the items donated included bags of maize, bags of rice, boxes of indomie instant noodle, gallons of cooking oil, packs of biscuits, bottled water, cleaning and washing detergents, liquid soaps, tins of tomato paste, packs, candies, T-Rolls and tissues, clothes, a PA system, among other valuables stuff.

An undisclosed amount of money was also donated to provide for their other needs.

And Faisal, the Programmes Coordinator, found a wife at Rising Star Orphanage.

One of the volunteers, Lateepha, a Speech and Language Pathologist/Therapist, seized the opportunity to teach the kids how to properly wash their hands, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lateepha, a Speech and Language Pathologist/Therapist, teaching the kids how to properly wash their hands to protect themselves against the spread of the coronavirus outbreak

Talents abound

There was a great display of talents from the kids when it was time for some competition to spice up the merry-making.

Five of the baddest rappers in the
orphanage, comprising three boys and two girls locked horns with each other to show
to the visitors who among them had the hardest rap punchlines.

There was also a dance competition where some of the children showcased their dancing moves and grooves to the delight of the visitors.

All the kids who participated in the various competitions were rewarded with toys, candies and money for their efforts.

That’s the Man himself, Habib Lanry Mahmoud, Founder of the Op and Client Support Outreach, having fun with the kids.

Purpose of visit

The Organiser for Op and Client Support Outreach, Ms Hawa Kentebaako, speaking on behalf of the team, explained that the purpose of the visit was simply to put smiles on the faces of the kids.

“These children need love”, she
said and continued “they need people to show them affection and that’s exactly why
we are here today”.

The Proprietor of the Rising Star Orphanage, Auntie Baby, as she is affectionately called by kids, for her part, thanked the Op crew for the gesture done the children.

Proprietor of the Rising Star Orphanage, Auntie Baby, standing in the midst of the kids.

She further took the opportunity
to enumerate some of the challenges that the home and its caregivers go through
in sheltering and feeding the kids and like Oliver Twist, she requested for
more support from benevolent organisations and individuals.

Op and Client Support Outreach

Since its conception five years ago, the Op and Clients Support Outreach initiative has shown genuine love and concern to the well-being of orphans in almost every nook and cranny of Ghana.

Op studios, its clients and volunteers have crisscrossed the rural areas of the country putting smiles on the faces of many of these beautiful but neglected little kids, through donations of money, goods, and infrastructure.

Members of the Op and Client Support Outreach. The lady wearing the red headscarf is the Organiser, Hawa Kentebaako.

The Op crew rely mainly on the benevolence of its clients, volunteers and
some organizations to make the initiative happen every year in March.

One of American’s finest rappers, Big Sean, in one of his numerous hit
songs said “One man can change the world” and this is exactly what Habib and
his Op and Clients Support Outreach are doing in the lives of the orphans in Ghana.

They may not be changing the entire world, but they are definitely changing the lives of those broods, little by little, with the smiles that they continuously put on their faces.

Care for an orphan is not about someone doing something, but it is
about everyone doing something and as they say at OP studios, “If you have, give.
If you still have, give”.

If you are touched by what they do and wish to support them, kindly call Habib on +233244880864.

One of the volunteers showing love to a little girl

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