Cocoa Cultivation; COCOBOD to supply farmers with Omya Calciprill fertilizers to tackle soil acidity

As part of efforts to promote cocoa production, the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) has entered into a partnership with Belt Agro Consult Limited to distribute fertilizers to cocoa farmers in the country.

The Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) and Beft Agro Consult Limited, distributor of fertilisers in Ghana, have renewed their partnership to provide Cocoa Farmers with Omya Calciprill fertilizers to tackle soil acidity.

The move, according to COCOBOD, is to help promote the
message of soil acidity and the importance of Calciprill.

This was disclosed at a training seminar held by the Seed
Production Division (SPD) of COCOBOD for cocoa farmers at the Bonsu Cocoa
College over the weekend.

The Deputy Executive Director of SPD, Mrs Faustine Asamany, expressed the optimism that the training will increase the understandings of cocoa farmer on the problems of soil acidity, and the effects it had on Cocoa yields.   

“We are looking forward to working with Beft Agro Consult Limited and Demeter Ghana Ltd to educate our team about soil acidity and the importance of Calciprill”, she said.

The Deputy Director adds that the issue with acidity in Ghana’s soil is well-known and documented, saying “we are proud to be tackling the problem head on”.

Major problem to cocoa cultivation

It is well documented that soil acidity is one of the major constraints
on cocoa cultivation as it limits the levels of key nutrients such as Nitrogen,
Potassium and Phosphorus.

This problem is what accounts for the low harvest of cocoa
beans in the country, thereby affecting growth in the sector.

Therefore Omya Calciprill, a high-quality soil conditioner from Germany, will be used to address the issue of soils acidity. It will allow for yields to increase, as well as drive up crop quality.

Studies conducted by the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana
(CRIG) over a two-year testing period and subsequent distribution have proven
that Omya Calciprill can boost yields by 70 per cent.

Mr. Mohammed Issifu, Chief Agronomist at Beft Agro Consult Limited, for his part, expressed his joy for being offered the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the cocoa sector.

“We are delighted to have been given this opportunity to
host a seminar for the Seed Production Division. We look forward to promoting
the importance of Calciprill”, he stated.


Mr Frank Boateng, Co-founder of Beft Agro Limited, expressed his outfit’s gratitude to COCOBOD for bringing them onboard to help resolve the issue of soil acidity, which had severely hampered Cocoa farmers’ yields.

“We are very proud to have been invited by COCOBOD to host
this seminar on Calciprill to SPD. We know what a positive impact the product
will have on their lives,” Mr. Boateng said.

Demeter Ghana Ltd’s Chief Executive, Rocco Falconer, said the
partnership offers an opportunity to sensitise cocoa farmers on the issue of
soil acidity.

“This is a great opportunity to educate Cocoa professionals
about the issues of soil acidity”.

Beft Agro Limited is an importer and distributor of
fertilizers. Beft Agro Limited has worked closely with Ministry of Food and
Agriculture and COCOBOD for many years.

Beft Afro Ltd will be aided by Demeter Ghana Ltd, a specialist agricultural company.

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