12 million LED Bulbs to be distributed to households in Ghana for free

Government has procured 12 million LED Bulbs for distribution to every household as part of effort to promote energy conservation among the citizenry.

The distribution of the bulbs will be spearheaded by the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCE’s), within the next three months.

50,000 each will be given to Metropolitan Assembly, 40,000
each for every Municipal Assembly and 30,000 each for every District Assembly.

The initiative is estimated to cost GH₵200 million.

According to the Minister of Energy, Mr John Peter Amewu, the nationwide Energy Conservation exercise is part of efforts to promote a shift from the use of incandescent and CFL’s light to LED’s.

“To ensure that government achieve the intended purpose for
the exercise (ie energy conservation and demand side management), a
comprehensive audit would be conducted by relevant government agency a month
after the distribution of the LED bulbs”, he explained.

He adds that the mode of distribution of the LED Bulbs will
be designed by the MMDCE’s

“Modalities for the distribution of LED bulbs are Beneficial Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs)identified for the 16 regions, identification of delivery points and identification of distribution points”, he said.

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