Study in the USA: Achieve the American Dream – Part 2

By John Nkemnji, Ph.D *

Prof John Nkemnji
  • Part one of the article covered the most appropriate means for people from other nations to migrate to the USA for academic pursuit. Part two is focused on another legal means of immigrating to the USA – a nation that affords one of the best educational institutions in the world. As in part one, every immigrant is encourage to attain a good education that will enable them survive in their new nation.  Please, if your documents are not written in English, it will be to your best interest to have them officially translated into English before you arrive the USA. You will be required to submit official English documents.

Another legal way to migrate to the USA is through the annual DV program but you need to apply and be one of the successful applicants.  If you are in the USA for studies, nothing prevents you from applying for the DV program and if you are in the USA on the DV program you are well off going to school. Both programs are not mutually exclusive.  The DV program comes up annually but it takes time to get ready with documents to apply for the program. The program requires some documents that may take planning and time to acquire.  Some of the other documents may take time to acquire.  You need a current passport, a current passport size photo and at least a high school diploma to qualify. Your chances for success are slim but it is worth trying.  The DV application is in three parts. Like the admissions process, the applicant does not need professional help in completing it.  If you (the applicant) cannot complete the application by yourself, the chances of you succeeding in your new nation are slim.

The electronic application details are usually posted at the US department of State website: The first part of the application asks for information about yourself.  Your name, gender, birth information, residence, identifying documents, contact information, and marital status. Remember that you have to fill the form as advised in the admissions application process.  After completing part one, you are required to proceed to the second part and the final part.

Part 2 of the application is necessary only for those who are married. You (the applicant) will be required to complete identifying information for your spouse and for your children if you have any. Prepare your text and photo before you begin the online application process. Select a period with less internet traffic. 

Part 3 of the application requires that you confirm that the information entered is true and up-to-date. You will be asked to submit the information and your current passport-size digital photo.  Details of the format are described on the electronic application. A receipt with identifying information will be provided which you have to keep securely for use in checking if you are one of the lucky applicants selected for interview. The next and final step comes in about a year with the release of the result.

Living and learning with people from different nations helps everyone discover the benefits of getting along, avoiding stereotypes, and becoming broad-minded with informed opinions. It also helps strengthen personal and professional connections that are necessary to survive in today’s techno-global village.  This article has discussed only two opportunities for youths from other nations to migrate and study in the USA.  More opportunities come up regularly and anyone with adequate finances and a spirit of adventure will be able to explore and live the American dream.

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