Mai Fatty Frowns: ‘We are Oppose to Gay Marriage’ in Gambia

By Bakary Ceesay

Mai Fatty
Mai Fatty

Ahmed Mai Fatty, leader of Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) has they are ready to die but they are not going to allow gay marriage in this country.

“The marriage provision contained in the proposed constitution is vague. It doesn’t clearly define marriage. We  are Muslims; we are opposed to gay marriage. A marriage should be between a man and a woman,” former interior minister argued.

Gambia is currently having a harsh punishment of life imprisonment if one is found doing the act of same-sex marriage, how recently UN has called on Gambia government to decriminalise that law or risks sanctions but Gambian authorities insist that it is inhuman practice and ungodly.
Human rights actvists also expressed about the safety and security of gays and lesbians in the Gambia urged government to repeal the law.

However, Fatty, former presidential adviser on policy and governance pointed out that: “If the marriage provision is not properly fixed in the draft constitution, it is going to create problems in the future. Based on what is contained in the proposed constitution, one can interpret it as a provision that legalizes gay marriage. The provision is vague. We are not going to allow gay and lesbian marriage in this country. We are ready to launch a strong campaign against it if the marriage is not properly defined. If it means sacrificing our lives, we are ready to do it. We are ready to die. We will not accept gay marriage in The Gambia,”.

Fatty, stressed that his party is going to engage the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) so that the matter can be amicably resolved.

He praised the CRC for coming up with what he called “a good constitution.” But he said he had strong reservations against the marriage provision contained in the proposed draft constitution.

Fatty says the new constitution is better that the 1997 constitution. He called on Gambians to oppose gay marriage as it is ungodly. 

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