Gambia:Barrow Reveals 2020 Many Global Dev’t Goals will not be Attained

By Bakary Ceesay

President Adama Barrow

President Adama Barrow, has indicated that 2020 is a popular target year for key global development goals, many of which will not be attained.

He noted that although this is not an excuse for failure anywhere, it is a reminder that unforeseen circumstances and external factors can affect any national plan or target.

“So far, my Government is in the pursuance of Projects that would touch the lives of rural and urban dwellers as designed in the NDP, and we are poised to do better,” he said during his New year message.

“Thus far, the legislative frameworks, structural arrangements and institutional reforms executed manifest how genuine and how organised, realistic and consistent we have been in the pursuit of our national development objectives”

He explained that from 2020 onward, sharper focus will be cast on human resource and infrastructure development, the economy, the social services, institutional strengthening and performance. 

“Our achievements and endorsements, nationally and internationally, have encouraged us to remain at the helm of the affairs of the nation. Today, we are more determined, more focused and much more devoted to the cause of the people”

He pointed out that they have learnt lessons and are better prepared to tackle the challenges that confront us as a nation within the context of a world marked by unexpected developments.

Gambian leader stressed that: “We will continue to galvanise support from the international community through convincing evidence of the vigour, seriousness and sincerity that underline our approach to governance”

He added that “We will translate all these into honest, transparent and accountable processes, and will intensify the fight against corruption in public institutions. Succeeding in this venture calls for public support and cooperation”

He stressed that it is the people who develop a country, but it is the people themselves who stall the progress of their nations.

“To avoid this, we must not violate the legal frameworks, ethical values and codes of ethics that govern the discharge of our responsibilities and duties” 

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