Ahead of February 9 Twin Elections: Peter Mafany Musonge prescribes Team Spirit, Commitment, Loyalty, and Discipline

By Boris Esono Nwenfor

Officials at CPDM Party campaign launch in Buea

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Party, CPDM has set campaigns for the February 9, 2020, Municipal and Legislative elections on high gear. The CPDM party is looking to win all 31 councils in the South West Region, maintain their seats with new ones included in the Assembly.

The Regional campaign manager, Peter Mafany Musonge speaking during the Launching ceremony January 25, at the Buea Independence square popularly known as “Bongo square” said the party is heading into the elections with the legitimate determination to maintain the achievements of the New Deal, and to continue the nation-building endeavour for the wellbeing of Cameroonians.

He added that militants of the SWR have nominated 15 would be parliamentarians, and their alternates and 897 would be councillors of substance who are determined to defend the values of peace, unity, justice, tolerance, and living together.

Peter Mafany has equally called on the militants to employ various means of getting people to vote such as using traditional (door-to-door, rallies), and modern media technologies, and equally adequately cover the media landscape.

“Any locally produced election documents intended for public display must comply with the norms set by ELECAM,” he remarked. “… All the candidates should be ready to do battle with their colleagues in the field. We must be involved physically and materially in the electoral campaigns while motivating others in this exercise.”

Talking to the press Peter Mafany Musonge, Regional campaign manager said “… The population should go and vote and chose the right persons who are going to run their local government, and you know we have a special status for the North West and South West. We should participate so we use these institutions for the good of the people.”

Women ask for a level field to be helpful throughout this campaign

The women through their representative called on authorities to initiate a level field so that they too can be helpful throughout the campaign period.

Madam Zoumo nee Enow Marie, WCPDM President for Kupe Manenguba II, added that they plan to galvanize the women so that they can vote for the CPDM list. “We want the beautiful dreams of greater autonomy, liberty, progress, and peace hatched recently in our country to be championed in full by our party, CPDM”. “We the women are willing and ready to walk the road up to victory with you, yet we the ones most affected by the current crisis in our region.”

She went on to call on those in the bushes still in arms to drop their weapons and to give peace a chance. “Change is painful but nothing is as painful as staying stuck on the same spot. Our Region has suffered since this crisis started; no projects, no development, no schools for our children. The new special status giving to us may just be an indication of greater things to follow in the area of development,” She said.

The Government has done a lot for the youths – Jonas Songo, YCPDM

Jonas Songo, YCPDM section President Meme I C, Kumba III Mambanda, noted that the present government has done a lot to care for the youths such as the creation of the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the presence of the National Youth Council, the recent putting in place of the Youth Connect initiative, and others.

Addressing the present crisis in the region, he said the population is being manipulated especially by Cameroonians in the diaspora who do not have the population at heart. “We have been manipulated to carry arms against our government, we have been manipulated to stop our brothers/sister from going to school, and we have been manipulated to kill, destroy our traditional heritage. Enough is enough. Let us all say no to manipulations”.

H equally called on those still in arms to drop their weapons, follow on the examples of us who have dropped their weapons and join DDR centre in Buea, and Bamenda.

Mafany Musonge CPDM’s Regional campaign Manager

The CPDM in the South West Region is well prepared – Professor Elvis Ngole Ngole

“The CPDM in the SWR and the population, in particular, know that the stakes are high. All the six divisional delegations are present and we have been guaranteed by SW Governor that the entire region is secured for us to carry out our electoral campaign.”

“… All the teams are already in place and we know that the South West population is waiting for us,” He added

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