University Of Toronto Creates Global Database Of Atrocities On Cameroon Crisis

This footage shows the destruction of Kuke Mbomo, 25km (16 miles) north of Mount Cameroon.Photo Credit BBC

(Toronto) On the eve of Human Rights Day 2019, University of Toronto faculty in Canada today

launch a global Database of Atrocities to collect and store documentation on killings and other

atrocities being perpetrated in the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon, Africa. 

The information is being collected to counter the culture of impunity that has pervaded this crisis

since 2016. It is being collected in the spirit of promoting non-violence, justice, and peace.

The database will aggregate, verify, secure, and publish information about atrocities or crimes

against humanity committed by Cameroonian military and non-state armed groups. It is non-

partisan and apolitical.

All documentation will be securely stored and published online with four

main objectives in mind: international justice processes; a possible national truth, justice, and

reconciliation commission; advocacy, journalism, academic research; and deterrence from

further violence and gross impunity.

Individuals or organizations with photos, videos, documents, or other proof of atrocities from

October 2016 to present from Cameroon’s Anglophone North-West Region and South-West

Region, can anonymously and securely upload them to the database. 

Step 1: Anyone anywhere any time can upload photos, videos, and documents.

Step 2: The information is verified by a team of open source researchers.

Step 3: Once validated, the information is published online in the database and can be viewed by

anyone, anywhere, any time.

NO identifying information will be collected from people who upload. The Database of

Atrocities is hosted at University of Toronto because of its strong cybersecurity systems,

neutrality, and location in Canada.

No member of the database team is affiliated with the government of Cameroon or any other

warring party. Amnesty International’s Digital Verification Corps (University of California-

Berkeley, University of Toronto, University of Pretoria, University of Essex) in conjunction with

University of Toronto will be responsible for verification and publication. 

University of Toronto and its partner universities and nonprofits are committed to protecting

those suffering from violence and promoting human rights and peace.

To upload photos, videos, or documents to the database, go to:

To view verified information, go to:

For more information on the database, go to:

*Source University of Toronto

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