Sierra Leone : Jusas Global Entertainment sets to premier Mind Game in Waterloo on 28th

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma

As a way of making sure  the internationally acclaimed Solly wood blockbuster Movie Mind Game reaches every part of Sierra Leone JuSAS Entrepreneurship Network popularly known as JuSAS Global is set to premier its movie on 28th December at the Med Porsh Entertainment Complex , Waterloo, Western Rural District of Freetown.

The movie which captures the story of the dowsabel in the family, is staged around unconditional love , suspense wrangling’s  and more was directed by Sheku M. Sheriff and some leading casts in the country like Desmond Finney , T.J Cole, China Nicky, Randa Sheriff, Kindo Armani , Boss lady , Fatty Sheriff and Salim Sahid Kamara respectively.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, the Executive Producer, Mind Game, Abdul Sigismond Sesay, re-echoed that JuSAS GLOBAL is private owned entertainment company officially registered in Ohio and Sierra Leone as a limited liability Company, whose genuine and collective drive is to augment government’s efforts to revive the Movie, Music & Entertainment Industry in Sierra Leone

“Mind Game is not any ordinary movie but a game changer on a mission to change the narrative in the Sierra Leone Movie/ Film Industry. The reason the creme de la creme in the entertainment enterprise were auditioned and acted to concertedly help in sending a loud message that Sollywood is ready to take on globally,’’he said.

He added that  hence  the movie’s blockbuster nature and the current nationwide tour followed by the global next year stating that the country   should view Entertainment as a career path not alternative but a choice which should be the key message.

When asked about the secret behind the so much nominations since the release earlier this year , he replied :”The secret for not just NEA but other nominations like Diaspora Focus and others; I believe is the general acceptability by the government and people of Sierra Leone. It shows that Sierra Leoneans know a quality product when they see or experience one; that’s exactly the case of the blockbuster movie Mind Game attracting several nominations across the board’’

Sigismond Sesay said,  that the movie has gained nation wide recognition with premiers in almost all the major cities and towns in the country which saw hundreds of people to support their project thus thanking all and sundry including the media for their work in making awareness of the movie.

“Challenges in any project is unavoidable but the courage to over come is the difference as in the case of Mind Game . The challenges are huge especially putting up a mind-blowing national talk about movie when the Executive Producer coordinates outside Sierra Leone jurisdiction and relying on Director Sheriff to fix things, ‘’Sigismond Sesay  explained.

The JuSAS boss encouraged people in the Waterloo community not to miss out if they want to dine and wine with dignitaries , celebrities , entrepreneurs adding that they will enjoy the benefits of their monies come this Saturday.

 The Movie was first premiered on July 27th this year under the Distinguished Grand Chief Patron of Hon. Umaru Napoleon Koroma Esq., Francis Ben Kaifala, Commissioner of the Anti- Corruption Commission, and Hon. Mohamed Orman Bangura, among many other high-profile government officials at the Golden Tulip , followed by other premier at British Council , Makeni, Kono  among other areas.

The Movie will be screened again at  the Med Porsh Entertainment 5’5 Waterloo under the distinguish Grand Chief Patron of Med Porsh a popular entrepreneur with individual tickets to be sold for Le 15,000 and for Patron between Le 50,000-90,000 respectively.

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